Camper Scholarships

Each year Covenant Point provides scholarships to many of its campers.  Without gifts from partners in ministry, Covenant Point’s programs would only be accessible to those with significant resources.  It is our goal that money never prevents a camper or guest from participating in one of the most significant, spiritually formative adventures of life – attending camp.  One camper described the impact camp had on his life. It’s powerful:

“Thank you so much for having this camp, it has changed my life and I now have a different point of view for life! Thank you so much!” – Mainland Camper

Last year Covenant Point gave out nearly $17,000 in scholarships – donated both from individuals and from individuals through HarborPoint Ministries.  Your gift to the scholarship fund goes directly to helping youth campers attend Covenant Point, ensuring they have a safe place to learn about God and feel loved in a unique way.  Thank you for your gift.