2017 Silent Directed Retreat

4:00 PM Friday, Sept 15 – 1:00 PM Sunday, Sept 17

Step away from your busy life and listen to God’s voice.

Price: $130

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Download/Print the 2016 Silent Directed Retreat Registration Form.

Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest (Mark 6:31).

It has been said that “the quieter you become, the more you can hear.”  Covenant Point invites you to experience the wisdom of that saying in a weekend silent directed retreat.  The weekend will include a private room for each participant with plenty of space for silence and solitude,  along with times of worship around the theme The Contemplation of Forgiveness. There will also be opportunities to meet with a spiritual director. With the exception of the times of worship and the times of meeting with a spiritual director, the  retreat will take place in silence. Erik Strom, Director of Covenant Point hosts this retreat with Rob Engelhart leading the times of worship and Terry Cathcart offering brief meditations on the theme.  Registration opens at 4:00 pm and the retreat begins with dinner at 6:00 pm (Central Time) on Friday, and concludes at 1:00pm Sunday.

On the theme:  We live in a broken world where stories of our own and others’ sinning and of ourselves and others being sinned against are all too common.  Jesus responded to this brokenness with teachings on forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a large multi-faceted topic.   This retreat will focus on steps that can be taken in a journey toward offering forgiveness and possibly reconciliation with those who have sinned against us.  The good work on this topic by South African Bishop Desmond Tutu, Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and his daughter MPho Tutu will be referenced.