Chuck Frasier Memorial Fund

Covenant Point has been encouraging next steps of faith in Jesus Christ among its campers for since 1926A new season in the life of the camp is emerging “a season for those who have been blessed by Covenant Point to encourage the camp’s next step of faith. It’s a season to sustain and strengthen the camp’s vital ministry and unique identity by:

Current Pledges: $600,289! On 12/31/13, pledges reached our goal! Thank you for your wonderful, generous support!
Total Goal: $600,000

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Why build an on-site director’s home?  Click here to learn more.

Steady growth in ministry has led to increased staffing needs. Covenant Point currently has only one viable onsite home.  Providing housing to full-time staff is a powerful, fiscally sound, long-term strategy to meet the needs of the camp within the constraints of a tight budget.  Covenant Point’s mission is rooted in its strong, welcoming community centered in Jesus Christ; that community is cultivated first in the life of the full-time staff. We need a home on the grounds that will support and nurture a well-connected approach to ministry to campers and guests.

What is the Covenant Point internship program and why create an endowment?  Click here to learn more.

The internship program is a ministry of young adult discipleship, leadership, and vocational discernment within the larger ministry of Covenant Point. Our interns bring valuable and unique gifts, enthusiasm and energy to the year-round ministry of the camp. They leave with new disciplines and skills, new relationships, and a Christ-centered sense of self. Their growth often prompts them in a promising vocational path a path that benefits Christ’s church and Christian camping.
Covenant Point’s ministry has grown to become dependent upon the hard-working, full-time presence of its interns. An endowment would sustain adequate staff support, independent of the camp’s operating budget.
An endowment would make possible new avenues of intern staff development, strengthening their experience and vocational discernment through continuing education opportunities.
Chuck loved the interns. To build a Chuck Frasier Internship Endowment is to carry on Chuck’s legacy of being a strong steward of both people and resources.