2020-21 Christmas Camp

5:30 PM December 27, 2020 – 10AM January 1, 2021

COVID-19 Update:

Thanks for sticking with us while we’ve been figuring this out – We’re excited to say that Christmas Camp is still on for this year, despite significant changes for safety during this COVID-19 pandemic! We’ve taken great care to craft a fully-distanced and safe Christmas Camp experience for you and your family. Though, things will look and feel drastically different than Christmas Camps of the past. This year, there will be no indoor gatherings with multiple family pods. That being said, here are some of the major changes:

  • Meals – We will not be serving meals in the Dining Hall. Instead, all meals will be served to-go from the Dining Hall and may be picked up to take back to enjoy in your lodges. Each lodge will be outfitted with a table and chairs to eat meals. Breakfast and Dinner will include hot meals, while lunches will be a cold bag lunch (which you can pick up early), that can easily be taken to eat at the Ski Hill (though Ski Brule is not making snow this season, so may not be open), your lodge, or on any other winter adventure.
  • Housing – Each lodge will accommodate one family “pod.” A “pod” may consist of one household, or two households which have prearranged a commitment to safely function as one pod.” This is in line with the MI rules. Some space in each lodge will be converted for dining.
  • Dining Hall – This space will not be available for playing games or gathering. Feel free to bring games or puzzles to play in your lodge, or check them out from our board game supply in the canteen.
  • Worship – We will not be holding group worship services in the chapel or Tabernacle – There will however be a remote devotional component to do as a family in your lodge – either a booklet, audio, or video. (We’re still working on what this will look like).
  • Program – This year Christmas Camp is directed more towards spending time with only your individual family pod, and less with the broader camp community. There will be no all-camp programmed interactions. We ask that all guests maintain CDC recommendations when interacting with others (distance, masks, outdoors, etc.). Families will not be assigned a staff volunteer host like usual, as we’ll be limiting staff on site. Many of the planned activities will be “Do It Yourself” where camp simply provides resources:
    • Tubing Hill – with one family pod at a time.
    • Ice Rink – CPBC has ice skates in a variety of size, but feel free to BYO.
    • XC Skiing – If weather cooperates, we’ll have our Ge-Che Cross Country Ski Trail (16km) groomed and ready. Skis can be checked out from CPBC for the week.
    • Downhill skiing at Ski Brule – *Ski Brule will not be making snow for the 2020-21 season, so this is dependent on snowfall. There are several other ski hills that are making snow within a 1.5 hour drive.
    • Sauna and polar bear dip – one family unit at a time (sign up for a time)
    • Snowshoe – check snowshoes in/out daily
    • Ski or snowshoe at Anvil Lake – 30 min drive, get map & birdseed to feed chickadees from your hand before you go! There is a $5 parking fee.
    • Cookie Decorating – get a kit & take to your cabin!
    • Games, Crafts, & Puzzles in your lodge
    • DIY Ice Fishing (BYO gear & License), snow fort building, or any other winter activity your family can think up! Create your own adventure!

All that being said, we’re still hopeful that this can be a great week that your family can continue the Christmas celebration with a backdrop of the Upper Peninsula winter!


2020-21 Christmas Camp Pricing (adjusted for COVID-19 changes): 

  • Adult (age 13 and over): $245
  • Age 3-12: $145
  • Children under 3: $45


Sample Daily Schedule:

7:00AM – Coffee available in Dining Hall
8-8:30AM – Breakfast Pickup (eat in individual lodges)
Next – Head to ski hill, or free time at camp.
12-12:30PM – Bag lunch pickup (if you didn’t pick up at breakfast)
1:30PM – Enjoy some free time or a staff-led activity
5:30PM – Dinner Pickup (eat in individual lodges)
On your own – Remote devotional time as a family pod in your lodge

Packing List

Packing List:

  • Bedding, sheets, pillows
  • Clothing for cold weather
  • Snow gear, boots, etc.
  • Swimsuit for sauna and “polar bear” dip
  • Towels, toiletries
  • Face-masks
  • Puzzles and games for around in your lodge
  • Bible, notebook, and pen
  • Flashlight
  • Feel free to bring skis, skates, ice-fishing gear, craft supplies, books, games, puzzles, or other recreation supplies!

Housing Options

CPBC will assign lodging based on availability and your household size and needs.

We’ll limit to one household per lodge unless asked otherwise.

 *Numbers reflect our typical bed numbers. For winter getaway weekends, we’ll remove or rearrange some bed space to set up a dining area in each lodge.

  •  Maple Lodge (30 beds): 8 bedrooms housing up to 3-4 people per room in bunkbeds, three shared bathrooms for the lodge and a lounge area shared by all rooms, including a woodstove.
  • Pine Lodge (40 beds): 4 bedrooms housing up to 8-12 people in bunkbeds per room, two shared bathrooms (each with two toilets and two showers) for the lodge and a large lounge shared by all rooms, including a woodstove.
  • Aspen and Birch Lodges (24 beds each): 2 bedrooms in each lodge, housing up to 12 people in bunkbeds per room, both bedrooms having a private bathroom, and a small lounge and fireplace shared by both bedrooms.
  • Tall Trees (5 beds): A cozy 1-room cabin that sleeps up to 5 in two bunk beds and a single bed and includes a single bathroom/shower.
  • Cedar Lodge (40 beds): 4 bedrooms housing up to 10 people in bunkbeds per room, each bedroom has a private bathroom and a large lounge shared by all bedrooms.
  • Squirrel’s Cage (10 beds): A 3 bedroom / 1 bathroom cabin with a small living room and kitchen; two bedrooms with two bunk beds each, and a master bedroom with a queen size bed.
  • Nature Center (16 beds): 2 bedrooms housing up to 8 people per room, two full bathrooms and a large lounge with a fireplace, shared by both bedrooms. NOTE: This building is in our “Back 40,” across the road from the main CPBC campus.
  • Upper Tamarack Right & Left (8 beds X 2): 2 side by side units which each house 8 in bunkbeds. One full bathroom in each unit.
  • Krubba Apartment – Upper Tamarack Gable End (1 bed): 1-bedroom apartment with full kitchen and it’s own full bathroom and living room; has 1 full bed and a pullout couch.
  • Infirmary Bunks (7 beds) & Infirmary Apartment (4 beds): The infirmary bunk side has two bedrooms, each of which house 3 or 4 in bunkbeds and has a shared full bathroom. The infirmary apartment has two bedrooms, one with a bunkbed and one with a full bed and a full bathroom, as well as a living room and partial kitchen (sink, toaster oven, and small refrigerator).


*If it becomes apparent that we cannot run a retreat as planned due to COVID-19 considerations, we reserve the right to make changes to capacity, program, or calendar as necessary. Prior to each retreat, we will be in communication with participants regarding instructions and policies to reduce health risks for our participants and staff. Any cancellations related to COVID-19 will be refunded in full.

Register Online!


Download/Print the 2020-21 Christmas Camp Registration and Info Form (Updated for COVID-19)