Why Covenant Point?

A Christ-Centered Community

In a world flooded with increasingly impersonal interactions, Christ-centered community is desperately needed within the lives of campers, students, and families.  Covenant Point is intentional in providing unique experiences of community to every camper and “encouraging them in their next step of faith” in all of our programs.  We strive to do this while remaining true to our Mission & Core Values, and our heritage with the Evangelical Covenant Church. Our small camper-to-staff ratios allow for constant, loving supervision and building of mentoring relationships that can deeply impact the life of each camper.   When you send your child or bring your family to Covenant Point, you can rest assured that we are working our very hardest to provide safety mentally, physically and spiritually for each camper.

“Without TV and Computers we can be with people in community instead of being so insulated from others staying inside” – Island Camper

A Safe Place For Each Camper

In addition to being certified by the American Camping Association, Covenant Point takes pride in assembling its staff.  With a counseling and program staff  assembled from college students from across the nation (with a high percentage from North Park University) each staff member arrives in May, two weeks before campers arrive to grow in community with each other, develop spiritual devotionals, learn safety and risk management guidelines, and receive appropriate certifications.  We believe that staff to camper relationships are key, so during staff training, each staff member is given tools with which to provide safe environments for friendships to grow.

“This is our second year at family camp and we pray that we can continue to come.  We have seen our kids grow in confidence, try new things they have never had opportunities to try before, have a chance to safely gain independence and we have LOADS of fun.  We have all grown closer to our Heavenly Father and each other.  Thank you!” – Family Camper

Applicants for summer staff have been chosen based on character, leadership, intelligence, potential, and relationship with the Lord. We take this screening even further by requiring all staff  of Covenant Point to complete a rigorous application, submit three written personal references, go through one or two interviews with a permanent staff member, and pass a national criminal background check.  Any concerns are immediately addressed with the potential staff member.

Though Covenant Point goes to great lengths to ensure that our staff is of the highest caliber, we recognize that there is no 100% guarantee, whether at Covenant Point or at home.  We are confident that the Lord looks over our work as we seek to provide the safest adventure environment, but we open our lines of communication to parents and campers for questions or concerns about potential or past experiences.   Please contact us with questions, or ways in which we can further hone our ministry to make it as spiritually, mentally, and physically safe as possible.

 A Variety of Programs

We have a variety of programs in our Mainland, Trips, and Island Camps, serving campers entering grades 2-12, families, men, and women. All of our programs are rooted in one-on-one relationships, whether you are looking for an exciting mainland program, a unique experience backpacking or canoeing in the wilderness, or spending a week roughing it with 30 people on our island. Our Core Values remain in every aspect to encourage campers, families and staff to grow closer with the God of the universe.  Find which program best fits you, and come and join us this summer.