Lodge Rental

During our off-season when we are not running programmed retreats, we will be open for lodge rental.

Some of our lodges offer a kitchen or partial kitchen, and those will be of highest priority when renting. If you don’t need kitchen facilities, we have many other modern lodges of varying sizes available for those looking to stay at Covenant Point.

Limited bandwidth Wi-Fi will be available. Wi-Fi does not work in all lodges, but individual socially distanced work spaces with Wi-Fi can be made available to use for the duration of you stay, if needed.

Lodging options at Covenant Point: 

*indicates that this lodge includes a kitchen or partial kitchen.

  • Maple Lodge (30 beds): 8 bedrooms housing up to 3-4 people per room in bunkbeds, three shared bathrooms for the lodge and a lounge area shared by all rooms, including a woodstove.
  • Pine Lodge (40 beds): 4 bedrooms housing up to 8-12 people in bunkbeds per room, two shared bathrooms (each with two toilets and two showers) for the lodge and a large lounge shared by all rooms, including a woodstove.
  • Aspen, Hemlock, and Birch Lodges (24 beds each): 2 bedrooms in each lodge, housing up to 12 people in bunkbeds per room, both bedrooms having a private bathroom, and a small lounge and fireplace shared by both bedroom.
  • Cedar Lodge (40 beds): 4 bedrooms housing up to 10 people in bunkbeds per room, each bedroom has a private bathroom and a large lounge shared by all bedrooms.
  • * Squirrel’s Cage (10 beds): A 3 bedroom cabin with a small living room and kitchen; two bedrooms with two bunk beds each, and a master bedroom with a queen size bed.
  • Nature Center (16 beds): 2 bedrooms housing up to 8 people per room, two full bathrooms and a large lounge with a fireplace, shared by both bedrooms. NOTE: This building is in our “Back 40,” across the road from the main CPBC campus.
  • Upper Tamarack Right & Left (8 beds X 2): 2 side by side units which each house 8 in bunkbeds. One full bathroom in each unit.
  • * Krubba Apartment – Upper Tamarack Gable End (1 bed): 1-bedroom apartment with full kitchen and it’s own full bathroom and living room; has 1 full bed and a pullout couch.
  • Infirmary Bunks (8 beds)
  • * Infirmary Apartment (4 beds): The infirmary bunk side has two bedrooms, each of which house 4 in bunkbeds and has a shared full bathroom. The infirmary apartment has two bedrooms, one with a bunkbed and one with a full bed and a full bathroom, as well as a living room and partial kitchen (sink, toaster oven, and small refrigerator
  • Infirmary Bunks (8 beds)

Pricing & Registration

Basic rate is $35 per person, per night.
*Lodge minimum charge of $75 per night.

To begin the process of making a reservation, please fill out this form, and wait for our reply. Thank you!