2022 Silent Directed Retreat

2-Night Option A: Friday, Sept 23 (4pm) – Sunday, Sept 25 (1pm)

2-Night Option B: Sunday, Sept 25 (4pm) – Tuesday, Sept 27 (1pm)

4-Night Option: Friday, Sept 23 (4pm) – Tuesday, Sept 27 (1pm)

Step away from your busy life and listen to God’s voice.

Retreat COVID-19 Protocols:

Please read our Retreat COVID-19 protocols.

*If it becomes apparent that we cannot run a retreat as planned due to COVID-19 considerations, we reserve the right to make changes to capacity, program, or calendar as necessary. Prior to each retreat, we will be in communication with participants regarding instructions and policies to reduce health risks for our participants and staff. Any cancellations related to COVID-19 will be refunded in full.


2022 Silent Retreat Pricing: 

2-Night Options: $140

4-Night Option: $240

(to join the 4-night option, register for both option A & B)

A $25 processing fee will be kept in the case of any cancellation one week (7 days) or more from the start of the retreat. In the case of a cancellation less than one week from the start of the retreat, no payments will be refunded. Any cancellations related to COVID-19 will be refunded in full.


Enjoy a guided weekend of silence, spiritual renewal, rest, and listening to the voice of God. Our guest speaker and facilitator is Rev. Terry Cathcart, a seasoned pastor, spiritual director, and silent retreat leader. He has been involved in retreat ministry for over 40 years. He’ll be accompanied by worship leader Rob Engelhart, as well as a team of spiritual directors with whom participants may meet during the weekend.

In one of David’s Psalms we hear God say, Be still and know that I am God.  Covenant Point’s Silent Directed Retreat offers an opportunity to spend a weekend in prayerful silence with about 25 other people who are also seeking to focus their attention on listening for God’s voice.

The weekend will include a private room for each participant with plenty of space for silence and solitude. There will also be opportunities to meet with a spiritual director. With the exception of the times of worship and spiritual direction, the retreat will take place in silence. Check-in for 2-Night Option A opens at 4:00 pm and the retreat begins with dinner at 5:30 pm (Central Time) Friday and concludes at 1:00pm Sunday. Check-in for 2-Night Option B opens at 4:00 pm and the retreat begins with dinner at 5:30 pm (Central Time) Sunday and concludes at 1:00pm Tuesday. You may also register for both options, and join us for the entire 4-days.

The worship gatherings for the retreat will include the singing of Taize chants and messages. Our worship will conclude with lectio divina prayer. Three Spiritual Directors will also be available for those wishing to have a spiritual direction conversation during the retreat.
Serving on the facilitating team for this year’s retreat will be: Terry Cathcart (spiritual director and retreat leader), Rob Engelhart (worship leader), and several other spiritual directors.


Retreat Theme:


Packing List

Packing List:

  • Bedding, towel, and toiletries
  • Clothing for all weather
  • Walking shoes
  • Swimsuit for sauna (if interested)
  • Bible, notebook and pen
  • Flashlight


Register Online! (Opens at 7 AM on June 1, 2022)


Download/Print the 2022 Silent Directed Retreat Registration Form (Available June 2, 2022)