Completed Wish List Donations

Below is a list of the wish list items that have been donated. Thank you for so faithfully supporting our ministry by helping us do it better!

Battery Charging Station:  $80 (100% THANK YOU!)

Music Stand x 2: $100 total (100% THANK YOU!)

Scrub brush attachments: $30 total (100% THANK YOU!)

Allen Wrenches: $40 total (100% THANK YOU!)

Measuring Cups: $30 each x 2 = $60 (100% THANK YOU!)

Rolling Garage Cart: $68.00 (100% THANK YOU!)


Portable Fire Pit x 3: $240.00 (THANK YOU!)

Mini Slow Cooker: $20 each x 2 = $40 (100% THANK YOU!)

Pickleball Set: $115 (100% THANK YOU!)


Edelweiss Harness x 8 @ $54 each = $424  (100% THANK YOU!)



Vacuum Cleaner: $185 each (8 purchased! THANK YOU!)


Jet Boil: $120 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

Megaphone: $166.00 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)



Coolers x 2: $250 each for a total of $500 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

Backpacking Grate: $110 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)


Giant Connect Four: $95.00 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)


Cuisinart: $240 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)


Giant Cards: $25 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)


Ice Bucket: $40 (100% Raised! THANK  YOU!)

Sadly our ice bucket, “kicked the bucket”!

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Hospitality Manager


Knife Block: $80 (100% Raised!  THANK YOU!)

We are in need of a better sanitary storage and easy access solution for our sharp and serrated knives.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Hospitality Manager

Portable Fire Pit x 2$245.00 total (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)


Our portable firepits at camp have seen better days. We use these to provide a campfire seasonally in places where we don’t have permanent firepits – near the ropes course on cold fall days, at the broomball court on the winter to warm up between games, outside the dining hall to make s’mores during One Life Retreats, etc.

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Associate Director

8 foot folding tables x 4: $620.00 total (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

We are constantly moving tables around to accommodate different groups needs.  Having a few more tables will allow us to not have to move them from building to building.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook

Projector screens x 2: $460.00 total (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

In order to help enhance our programming, we could use 2 projector screens that will be able to stay in our buildings permanently.

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

Auto Binding for Cross Country Skis x 15: $750 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

A favorite winter activity at CPBC is classic cross-country skiing on the Ge-Che Trail (which runs through Ottawa National Forest, but it maintained by CPBC). We are in need of updating and replacing some of our ski equipment and would like to start by taking some really nice waxless skis that were given to us, and updating the bindings to fit our ski boots. This will allow a few more pairs of skis for our retreat groups!

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

Immersion Blender: $100 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

We have had an immersion blender for a few years now. It is a tool we use often for many of our meals. It is time for our current one to be replaced.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Director of Hospitality

Salad Bar Pans x 4: $70 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

If you’ve been to camp recently you will have noticed our new salad bar. It has been a great addition!  After much use this past summer we have realized that four more half pans will give us more flexibility in serving.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Director of Hospitality

Perforated Steamer x 2: $30 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

These pans are a life saver when we serve pasta. We currently have 2 and have realized that we are in need of more for larger groups.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Director of Hospitality

Spatula x 2: $20 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

As you can imagine we serve a lot of pancakes and grilled cheese here at Covenant Point!  We currently have one spatula like this and could use a few more. It seems we are always having to share this one.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Director of Hospitality

Garden Hose Reel Cart x 2: $250 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

Some heavier grade hose reels will allow us to better accommodate our guests needs (i.e. Purdue University van washing, kitchen mat cleaning).  Our current set-up does not allow for easy transport of the hoses we use

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Director of Operations

Speaker Stands: $60 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

We’re often setting up our passport sound system remotely (Point-a-Palooza, Outdoor big games, etc) and it would really benefit the speakers and sound quality to be able to get the speakers up off the ground.

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

DVDs for the bus ride to camp: (Fully stocked! THANK YOU!)

We are in need of some G or PG rated movies for our bus rides to and from Chicago, Elgin, Rockford, and Madison each week of the summer.  We are pleased to provide our campers with the comfort and ease of a coach bus, equipped with a DVD player and it would be nice to have our own selection of movies to send along for the bus counselors to show on the ride to/from camp (we currently borrow from our staff families personal collections). We’d be happy to accept any used or new G or PG rated DVDs.

Requested by Courtney Strom, Office Manager

White Board x 4: $850.00 total (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director

4 foot folding tables x 2: $120.00 total (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

We are constantly moving tables around to accommodate different groups needs.  Having a few more tables will allow us to not have to move them from building to building.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook

Safety cones: 1 @ $50 each = $200.00 (100% Raised!  THANK YOU!)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unnamed.png

I would like 4 safety cones at camp to help in giving direction where to park or to direct a supplier on where to go. 

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Commercial Grade Brasier Pan: $105.00 (110% Raised!  THANK YOU!)

As you can imagine we brown a whole lot of meat, make soups, sauces and this is the go to pot! I call the one we have “my favorite pot”.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook

Deluxe Air Pump: $65.00 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

Camp could use this to quickly pump up a multitude of things (sports balls, water front equipment, etc.) so we can keep our activities running smoothly and efficiently.

Requested by Danny Harman, Intern Staff

Instant Read Thermometer: $40 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

Taking the temperature of the food we serve is an important part of the food prep. Having an instant read will make the process that much faster!

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook

Foosball Table: $900.00 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

We have recently updated both sides of our canteen and our beloved foosball table is getting much use.  However, it is now past it’s prime.  We’d love to have a new one this summer for all our campers to enjoy, especially on those rainy days!

Requested by Courtney Strom, Office Manager

Non-stick Fry Pan: 2 @ $20 each =$40.00 (100% Raised!  THANK YOU!)

These pans come in handy when cooking for special dietary needs.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook

Air Compressor: $365.00 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pasted-image-0-1.png

An old compressor at camp recently pumped its last air!  For my work this a vital tool to have for cleaning off and servicing chainsaws, cleaning out a clog in our vacuum cleaners or helping a guest who has low tire pressure.  This will go in the garage closest to camp for quick and efficient access.

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Salad Bar Storage Containers: $100.00 (100% Raised!  THANK YOU!)

We are excited to offer a new “food bar” to our guests!  We are in need of extra containers for storage between meals.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook

Button Maker$500.00 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

This summer we were fortunate enough to borrow a button maker from a longtime camp friend, Kristine Brandel.  It was a HIT with our campers!  We are hoping that this can be something we can offer all year long!

Requested by Courtney Strom, Office Manager

Air Mover: 2 @ $210.00/each = $420.00 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

Often at camp we are in need of air circulation. At times the carpets are wet from our winter retreats.  Perhaps a window was left open during a rain storm or our staff has recently cleaned the carpets which we often do.   These air movers help dry the carpets really well, keeping unwanted odors and bacteria away for our guests.

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

22-Qt, Stainless Steel Roaster$51.00 X 2 = $102 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

18 Quart roasters are a workhorse in the kitchen. We could use 2 more of these beauties to fill with pork or chili and even curry!

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook & Housekeeping Coordinator

Kitchen Mat Transport and Wash Cart: $160.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

The kitchen crew washes the kitchen floor mats three times a week. This cart would allow for easier transport and drying capability.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook and Housekeeping Coordinator 

Floor Hockey Stick Set: $215.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

Camp is in search of a new set of floor hockey sticks. Our floor hockey supplies have been dwindling rapidly as this sport has gained more and more popularity with our campers. This new set of sticks would allow us to replenish & replace our old equipment and continue the fun!

Requested by Alex, Intern Staff & Summer 2018 Program Director

34″ Projector Cart: $121.00 X 2 = $242.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

We often have guest groups looking to use a portable projector, and often have several groups here simultaneously. We could use a couple additional tech carts so that we have multiple projector stations in different spaces.

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

Steel Shelves: $200.00 X 3 = $600.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

These shelves will begin to  provide adequate storage for camp’s maintenance equipment in our new pole barn.  It’s a wild ride keeping track of all that we have in an organized manner. I feel these these shelves will be very helpful as we make the transition from one garage to another, sorting through inventory and organizing our supplies.

Husky 77 in. W x 78 in. H x 24 in. D Steel Garage Storage Shelving Unit

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Multimedia Speakers: $12 X 3 = $36.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

Having a few sets of easy-to-use multimedia speakers would be handy for small groups (like NPU or Purdue University classes that we host, board meetings, etc) to show videos, play music, etc.

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

Deluxe Air Pump and Inflating Needles$62.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

Camp could use this need this to quickly pump up a multitude of things (sports balls, water front equipment, etc.) so we can keep our activities running smoothly and efficiently.

Requested by Alex, Intern Staff & Summer 2018 Program Director

Blu Ray / DVD Player: $42.50 X 2 = $85.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

Two of these would allow us to have a one in the Tabernacle for speakers and groups to use to play videos, and one to move between meeting spaces for smaller groups.

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

Class V Tri-ball Ball Mount: 2 @ $60.00/each = $120.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

Dustin and I just realized a little while ago how much of a time saver these would be for us and our summer trip guides. All of our trailers have different tongue sizes.  To have a receiver that can be quickly rotated to accommodate each trailer in one spot would rock!  We appreciate your continued support in advance!

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Air Compressor: $400.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

I use our air compressor daily, that is no joke! Airing up a low tire on a car or blowing off the sawdust on a chain saw. Furnace filters, vacuum cleaners that are in need of some attention, bike tires, tubes, etc. They help us keep clean and steward our equipment well.  We have one but are in need of another larger compressor. This one will be stored in the new maintenance garage affording us better opportunities to service vehicles in-house!

Husky 30 Gal. 155 psi Ultra-Quiet Portable Electric Air Compressor

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Canon T6i EOS Rebel DSLR Kit (with telephoto lens & 4 year protection plan): $860.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU)

Having quality photos and videos is a great way to show what we’re all about to potential campers, and a way for our parents and churches to see what their kids did at camp! In order to do that, it takes a lot of work and quality equipment. Our current camera is aging, and this camera would allow for great potential in documenting camp this summer! Stay tuned on our photos this summer at camp by keeping an eye on CPBC’s Facebook.

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

1/2″ Drive Deep Metric Impact Socket Set: 2 @ $50.00/each = $100.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

Recently Covenant Point’s wish of an Impact Gun was fulfilled. This tool will allow us to service our vehicles a little quicker and deal with flat tires more readily. In addition we need the appropriate sockets that will with stand the torque. These are the ones. We appreciate your continued support in advance!

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Bluetooth Audio Receiver: 2 @ $30.00/each = $60.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

A couple of these would be fantastic for wirelessly cuing big game music, playing music in the Tabernacle while rollerskating, playing songs at Point-a-Palooza, and more!

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

1/4″ Vegetable Dicer – $230.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

We dice a lot of vegetables here in the camp kitchen! Though my desire is to have it done by hand, there are seasons that a little help will go along way.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook

Magnetic Knife Holder – $20 (100% Raised – THANK YOU)

We all have favorite tools we use in our home kitchens.The same goes for camp’s kitchen. This knife magnet would work great to keep those set aside and ready!

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook

XL Broom Ball Helmets (12) –  $699.90 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

Broom Ball is a very popular winter activity around camp.  To keep players safe we have been using Medium and Large Bauer helmets.  These helmets work great for our junior and senior high campers.  But when the Men’s retreat rolls around, the helmets are too snug for our adult broom ball players.  We are looking to purchase a 5 blue and 5 red extra-large Bauer helmets to help keep our broom ball games safe.

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director 

Hobie Cat Mast Float – $176.00 x 2 = $352 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

A favorite activity of the summer has been sailing most free-times with this summer’s sailing director, Chad. On high wind days, this is especially exciting! The Hobie mast float displaces 59 pounds of water and gives sailors the time needed to right the boat without the worry of going turtle (mast straight down). We’d love to add one to each if our two Hobie 16s.


Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

and Chad Nelson, Sailing Director and Photographer

2-Rung Aluminum Ladder Jacks – $60.00 X 2 = $120.00

(100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

Often we’re leaned up against a building making repairs or staining, and safely reaching all areas of our buildings is a challenge due to uneven terrain. Ladder Jacks will allow us to use our extension ladders and walk between them with a plank. These would reduce the challenge for our staff and keep us safe while off the ground working.Qualcraft 2-Rung Aluminum Ladder JackRequested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

500 lb 16′ capacity scaffolding plank – $310.00

(100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

This scaffolding Plank would allow us to work 16 foot distances at a time thus reducing the amount of up and down travel that ladders require. This combined with ladder jacks or scaffolding allow our staff to reach challenging areas while staining around the Dining Hall, Tabernacle and many other buildings.

Werner 14 in. x 16 ft. Stage with 500 lb. Load Capacity

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Utility Golf Cart – $5,000 (100% Raised, Thank You!)

For those of you who know Kevin Johnson, Covenant Point’s Operations Manager, you know that his work covers all areas of maintenance to keep camp running smoothly. On any given day, you might find Kevin plowing, building, fixing, cleaning, or changing some part of camp’s grounds, equipment, buildings, or vehicles. The job is huge, and it would help a great deal to have a dedicated maintenance utility golf cart to move tools and equipment efficiently from location to location.

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director and Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Impact Wrench – $110.00 (100% Raised – Thank you!)

This air impact gun will allow me to remove  tire rims and install them quickly when repairs or tire rotations are needed on one of our many vehicles or trailers. If you’ve ever experienced a summer at camp… you know that vehicle maintenance issues should always be anticipated!

Husky 1/2 in. 800 ft. lbs. Impact Wrench

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

King Arthur Flour Giant Spatula – $22.00 (100% Raised – Thank you!)

Baking for the masses requires larger tools, and this giant spatula should definitely fit the bill. Can you imagine how many biscuits one could pick up with this?!

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook & Housekeeping Coordinator

Extra-High Capacity Scale – $62.00 (100% Raised – Thank you!)

Our kitchen scales are vital to the the daily cooking and baking. Camp’s kitchen currently only has scales that max out at 15 pounds. We are in need of an extra capacity scale (This one has a 33 lb!) to measure things like flour for pizza dough,and pancakes.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook & Housekeeping Coordinator

Rubbermaid 6 Quart Containers (2pk) X 8 = $155 (100% Raised – Thank you!)

With summer in full swing it has occurred to me that it would much easier for the staff to choose from the leftovers if the containers were clear. We have some of these and they are great for seeing and fitting into our limited refrigerator space, but are in need of more!

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook & Housekeeping Coordinator

New Broom Ball Frames and Nets $1,259.97 (100% Raised – Thank you!)

Broom ball is a loved sport by many of our winter campers.  But our broom ball nets are also used year round for soccer nets in the summer and fall. Our current nets have seen better days and we would like to purchase replacement nets for our current frames.  We are also looking to purchase a new set of nets and frames to increase the number of games of broom ball we can play at a given time.

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director

TV/DVD Combo for Our Infirmary – $150.00 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

Summer campers are here, and though we wish they would always enjoy a week of camp uninterrupted by any illnesses, unfortunately that’s not always the case! The good news is that each week we have a registered nurse or physician here onsite 24 hours a day working out of our infirmary facility to join our staff and help provide excellent medical care. When a camper is not feeling well and have to spend long hours in bed, it would be a great help to be able to offer them a movie to help pass the time. A small TV/DVD combo that could be ready for that purpose would be a wonderful gift!

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director

 Trips Camping Stove- $125 (100% Raised, THANK YOU!)

Our trip camps rely on the ability to reliably cook our meals wherever we go. This stove would help keep that reality possible for campers on our Flambeau River Canoe Trips & our AIT Road-Trip.

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

3DR Drone and Accessory Pack – $1,000 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

Covenant Point has been blessed by beautiful surroundings! Help us share that beauty through unique photos and videos captured with the aid of a drone! Our photo and video promotional materials are crucial to getting the word across about the the unique opportunities available at Covenant Point. Imagine aerial photos and videos of the Island yurts, big games in the field, campfires at the cross, times of adventure on the ropes courses, and more!

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

Nesco Roaster (2)$275 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

We use our 18 quart roasters to free up oven space and have had to retire a few the last year. We would like to add 2 more to our fleet for when we have meals like pulled pork.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook & House Keeping Coordinator

Laminating Machine and Sleeves  – $230 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

Here at Covenant Point we are often placing signs up around camp to welcome and communicate with our guests.  Many things would look nicer and last longer if they were laminated!Requested by Courtney Strom, Interim Office Managerscreen-shot-2016-10-19-at-3-56-02-pm

GPS and Dashboard Mount –  $160 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

Whether it’s staff on the road for a visit with one of our churches, or a group of campers being transported to a wilderness area for a summer trip, a GPS for camp would be a great help to keep us always heading in the right direction!Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director 

CPBC Wood Burn Logo $350 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

Much like the new stamp we created for our handmade pottery mugs, we are hoping to purchase an electric wood brand with the CPBC logo.  We are excited about all the possibilities this will open up for us, including  CPBC wooden ornaments to be sold in the canteen, projects in the arts and crafts and more!Requested by Courtney Strom, Office Manager

Small Multi-purpose Nets (2) – $39.99 x 2 = Total $79.98 (100% raised! THANK YOU!)

Soccer is a common after dinner activity in the summer.  These multipurpose nets also provide fun in the tab for floor hockey and other games in the winter.  Our current small nets are well loved and are in need of being replaced.

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director 

Rubbermaid 6 Quart Containers (2pk) X 8 = $155 (0% Raised)

With summer in full swing it has occurred to me that it would much easier for the staff to choose from the leftovers if the containers were clear. We have some of these and they are great for seeing and fitting into our limited refrigerator space, but are in need of more!

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook & Housekeeping Coordinator

Cordless Reciprocating Saw -$120.00 (100% raised, THANK YOU!)

The longer I am here at camp the more I realize that maintenance in a very mobile form is incredibly efficient.  Eliminating the power cord step when you need to cut something quick is quick!  Especially when that tasks is needed on the island!

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

DEWALT 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw (Tool-Only)

Bibles (50) -$10 x 50 = Total $500 (100% raised, THANK YOU!)

Covenant Point is a great place for campers to dig into the Word of God and learn how to use a Bible.  But sometimes campers come to camp without a bible.  We like to provide those campers with bibles to use for the week in chapel and take home.  Our current stock has reached a low and we are looking to replenish them.

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director

Retractable Air Hose (2) -$72.00 x 2 = Total $144.00 (100% raised, THANK YOU!)

We are regularly use air hoses around camp, filling tires, using pneumatic equipment…etc.   Having retractable hoses is something that allows us to do the job quicker, both in set up and clean up, all the while increasing the longevity of the hose.

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Amflo Retractable Air Hose Reel with 50 ft. Rubber Air Hose

Aluminum Work Platform –  $45.00 (THANK YOU! 100% raised)

Small but strong work platforms are where it’s at for painting our facilities.  They give that small bump in height to cut in along the ceiling where a ladder is just too large and cumbersome.   Thanks so much.

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager

Werner 39-1/2 in. x 12 in. x 20-9/16 in. Aluminum Work Platform

Mopping System (6) – $42.67 x 6 = Total $256.02 (100% raised, THANK YOU!)

Cleaning living spaces and bathrooms is a job done by everyone at camp, from the office staff to the crew.  This new mopping system would be a healthier more efficient way to clean the floors and keep the mops clean too.  We are looking to purchase 6 sets of these microfiber moping systems.  Each set would include:

1 – industrial mop head, 1 – 70” telescoping pole, and 21 – 18” wet mop pads.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head cook and Housekeeping

Food Storage Containers: Small, Large, Lids – $113 (Thank You 100% raised)

Putting leftovers away or searching for something in the refrigerator or freezer can be challenging here at camp. Having more clear square storage containers would make that job so much easier.  6 of each size with 12 lids would be a game changer.

Requested by Teri Sherwood

Rubbermaid Cart$199.99 (THANK YOU! 100% raised)

When we clean buildings it takes a wheeled cart to transport everything we need.  Our current cart has been well used and needs to be replaced.Requested by – Teri Sherwood 

Passage 65 Pack- Youth- 8 (100% Raised! Thank you!)

Yosemite 75 Pack- Large- 12 (100% Raised! Thank you!)

Passage 65 Youth Pack,jpgAs we continue to grow our trip numbers, we need more packs. Many of our current backpacks have seen many summers of backpacking, and their zippers and buckles are beginning to fail. Modern, internal frame, highly adjustable backpacks will serve our trippers well for many more summers on the trail.Requested by Dustin Johnson
Yosemite 75 Pack

Large Salad Bowl $18.49 (THANK YOU! 100% raised)  

Our most used item when it comes to serving salad is our large clear salad bowl. We also use it to mix big batches of other dishes due to its size and shape. It’d be awesome to have an additional bowl.Requested by – Teri Sherwood

Dewalt Compound Miter Saw $660 (100% Raised! Thank you!)

Dewalt Miter Saw

Camp’s current miter saw has seen some hard use for a number of years. Its weathered the raising of three buildings and much much more.   The angle settings are worn about a 1/16 of an inch, making joinery and angle cutting difficult. This is a larger expense, I realize that, so if a partial donation is something you’d like to get behind, thank you!   Know that we are incredibly grateful for your generous giving. 

Requested By Kevin Johnson

Dewalt Impact Driver- $140 (100% Raised! Thank you!)

16cdc233-0a60-44c6-a75f-7704ccbfcccc_400Another cordless impact driver would be nice around camp!

Requested By Kevin Johnson

Gaga Pit $1250 (100% Raised! Thank you!)

GaGa Ball is a great game that allows participants of any age or athletic ability to quickly learn and participate. It’s a simple and fast-moving game, making it great for getting lots of campers the chance to play frequently, and it’s even just as much fun to watch as it is to play. To play at Covenant Point, we’ll need to build a GaGa Pit first – an octagonal wood structure that can be moved outside as needed or even set up in the Tab in the winter. To make this wish a reality, we’ll need about $1250. I’d love to see campers enjoying this new option this summer, and welcome your help to make it happen! 

Gaga Pit

Requested By Erik Strom

Bosch Screw Extractor $30 (100% ($30 of $30) Raised)

We often have broken bolts that need extracting. Drilling out and taping isn’t always easily accomplished or an efficient use of time.  This kit will help do the job.

bosch screw extractor

Requested By Kevin Johnson

Half Dome 2 Tent – 6 ($200 each- 100% ($1200) raised- Thank you!)

Half Dome 4 Tent– 6 ($307 each- 100% ($1842) Raised! Thank you!)

Half Dome 2 Tent

Our trip tents have seen many nights in the Porcupine Mountains, Pictured Rocks, along the the Flambeau River, many western mountain ranges, and road trips across the great plains. Reliable tents on wilderness trips are essential for keeping campers dry and out of the bugs. A bunch of uniform, easy to set-up tents would be very helpful to our trippers for years to come.

– Requested by Dustin Johnson

Canister Vacuum Cleaner – $250 (100% Raised! Thank You!)

vacuum cleanerIn some of our most recent cleanings of camp buildings, we have come to the realization that it would be really nice to have a canister vacuum.  This serves two purposes, one it is way better at cleaning bare floor than an upright vacuum and two, it can get underneath beds and furniture and will make vacuuming easier and faster.  This is a tool that would be greatly appreciated by all of the full time staff.

Requested by Teri Sherwood

Disc Golf Baskets (3 baskets)- $230 each (100% raised! Thank you!)

Disc golf has become a passion of mine over the past few years. I would love to be able to share that enjoyment with campers during the spring, summer, and fall. It’s possible to play with trees as targets, but rattling the chains as your disc falls into the basket is incredibly satisfying. These baskets are high-quality, durable, and portable. This will allow us to set up holes in multiple locations and to use the baskets for programmed games. We’re hoping to start with three baskets and perhaps expand in the future.

Requested by Anders Ahlberg

Shure SM 58 Microphones (2 Mics)- $99 each ($198- 100% raised!)

shure sm 58

Microphones such as the one shown here are great and we at camp need them for many things, from making announcements in the dining hall to leading worship and playing games in the Tab.  These microphones made by Shure are a great piece of technology, that is time proven in both sound quality and construction quality, they are nearly indestructible.  Now we need a couple more at camp and I hope to use them well in all that we do with them.

Requested by Evan Magill

Wusthof In Drawer Knife Storage – $40 (100% raised! Thank You!)

Knife Storage We are thankful for a volunteer knife sharpener who regularly keeps our tools sharp. In order to store them safely and to maintain a good cutting edge, a knife storage tray with slots would be most helpful for kitchen happiness.

Requested by Teri Sherwood

Portable Projector Screen – $155 ($210- 135% Raised! Thank You!)

projector screenCamp currently has a couple of older projector screens that are firstly not in great condition and secondly are not designed for modern projector usage.  It would be really helpful to be able to have a new projector screen that is easy to setup and portable that we could use for outside groups that need to be able to project media from a laptop.

Requested by Kevin Johnson

Communion Set -$135 (100% raised- thank you!)

Perhaps the most significant means we have of celebrating the good news of Jesus while at camp is to share together the Lord’s Supper.  After a weekend of renewal and rest, or as a visible way of responding to a new sense of God’s call during a week of senior high camp, our guests are often given the opportunity to gather together around the Table for this sacrament while here at Covenant Point. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a functional and matching communion set with which to serve our guests.  This gift would provide us with an attractive, hand-made set that would meet our needs for leading worship here well.  We would order the five-piece set as shown, plus an extra chalice to accommodate our gluten-free guests, and a set of white communion linens.

Requested by Erik Strom

Dodgeballs, 3 sets- $58 each (100% Raised- thank you!)


Harnesses, 5 total-$38 each (100% Raised- thank you!)


Our old seat harnesses have been retired. They have served us well for many years but need updating.   5 seat harnesses, make a donation for one or for all. Either way your generosity towards this need is greatly appreciated as we continue to provide firsthand experience on our high ropes courses for our guests.

Requested by Kevin Johnson

Planer$540 Planer (100% Raised!- thank you!)

With the recent purchase of our chainsaw mill camp can now mill unique rough cut lumber to fulfill our creative needs. Combined with a recently donated joiner already in our wood shop. This planer can then create finished lumber, which will allow camp to keep its industrious ways and maintain our facilities as needed all in house. Requested by Kevin Johnson

Double Tub Apple Press$955 (100% Raised- thank you!)

Imagine being at camp on a crisp fall day and working together with others to press fresh cider. This apple press is built to last camp for many many years of fall retreats, school groups, youth groups, and others who come to spend time outdoors together. Additionally, every apple tree donated is an investment in the future of this type of programming at camp.

Requested by Dustin Johnson

Broomball Helmets-$35 each (100% Raised! Thank you!)

15 Red

15 Blue

Broomball continues to be one of our most popular winter activities. Covenant Point has made the transition to requiring campers to wear helmets when on the ice, however, our current supply of helmets were designed for rock climbing and don’t fit the bill. 30 of these new helmets would allow us to purchase adequate sizes for all players. Help us keep broomball a fun and safe activity for everyone!

Requested by Anders Ahlberg

Blue (Bauer 2100 Helmet)

Disk Golf Disks (5 sets)– $33 each (100% raised! Thank you!)

Innova Disc Golf Driver Set

Disc golf discs are crucial to the game of disc golf. These discs are heavier and tend to stay more stable in flight than normal frisbees. We’re looking for 5 of these 5-packs to start with. In addition to these, we would be thrilled if anyone would send us discs that they no longer use. We will use them!

Requested by Anders Ahlberg

Assorted Board Games

Board games galore,
Let’s add some more!
Our collection has dwindled
While campers have mingled.
We shall take good care
So these new boards do not tear.
Will you help us these games receive
So merriment campers can achieve?
Some of the games in our collection have taken a beating over the years.  We’re looking to replace some of the games that are falling apart and also expand the collection.  Games are always a great indoor activity when weather is bad and offer a way for campers to meet new people.  And who doesn’t love making friends during a friendly game of Bananagrams?

Requested by Abby Austin

 Ticket to Ride– $35 (100% Raised- Thank you!)

Spot It– $13 (100% Raised- Thank you!)

 Clue– $14 (100% Raised- Thank you!)

Blokus– $16 (100% Raised- Thank you!)

Bananagrams– $12 (100% Raised- thank you!)

Sorry– $25 (100% Raised- Thank you!)

Imaginiff– $35 (100% Raised- Thank you!)

Monopoly– $20 (100% Raised- Thank you!)

Playing Cards (12 decks)- $7 (100% Raised! Thank you!)

Planer Stand – $150 (100% raised- THANK YOU!)

Requested by Kevin Johnson

Spikeball (2 sets)- $59 each (100% raised- THANK YOU!)

Combo Meal

Spikeball is probably best described as volleyball’s distant cousin, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. The net used for Spikeball is small and circular – probably the size of a Hula Hoop, and it sits on the ground at ankle level. The ball is pretty small too, just about palm-size. Two teams play against each other with only two players on each team. The objective of the game is to smack the ball across to your opponents, just like in volleyball. However, with Spikeball, you need to bounce the ball on the net first, so it ricochets upwards at an opposing player. Last summer we played Spikeball a lot, and it would be great to have our very own sets at Covenant Point to add to our programming! Thank you!

Requested by Kim Steiner

Bocce Ball (2 sets)– $40 each (100% raised- thank you!)

We would love to add to our program a game called Bocce,
It was first developed by a country you might call, Italy.
To play the game you can split into 2 teams of 2, 3, or 4,
and maybe ask someone nearby if they can keep score.
You throw the Jack, and then each team has a chance to bowl,
and make sure its underhand so you have some control.
The idea of adding this to our program is something we love,
and I just ran out of rhymes I can think of!

Requested by Kim Steiner

Flu-flu Arrows -$3.50 each X 18 = $63 (100% Raised- THANK YOU!)

Flu-flu arrows offer a fun alternative way of doing archery, by safely launching arrows in an arch at targets placed across a field. This is a fun way for older campers to try something new.

Requested by Dustin Johnson

halls flu flu

72 Arrows Fletched with Vanes

$170 (100% Raised- Thank you!)

Arrow Selection Tape

$3 x 4 = $12 (100% Raised- THANK YOU!)

Many summers have taken their toll on our arrow supply. Also, with the addition of universal recurve bows, we now need arrows in different lengths to accommodate archers of all sizes. Help us get 18 arrows of each length: 24″, 26″, 28″, and 30″ and arrow selection tapes for helping campers get geared up with the appropriate arrows. Requested by Dustin Johnsonhalls arrows

Halls arrow selection chart

36″ Round Target Faces (x4)

$20 each (100% Raised- thank you!)

36″ Square Face Target (x2)

$18 each (100% Raised- thank you!)

“With our new bows this summer, our targets took a lot of abuse. They are in need new faces so campers can get back to shooting them first thing next summer! Requested by Dustin Johnson.

Floor Jack -100% Raised- THANK YOU!

It’s pretty frequent that a jack is needed at camp. Be it changing oil in the cars, rotating tires, servicing a flat tire on the tractor or lawn mower, perhaps a trailer. A floor jack allows us to keep on these maintenance tasks quickly, with portability and increased stability for the job at hand.

Requested by Kevin Johnson

Covered Casserole Dishes -$12.50 each (100% Raised- Thank you!)

It saddens me to report that our supply of beloved brown casserole dishes are slowly declining. With summer approaching, I wish to replenish the supply with 20 new ones. Our littlest campers need to eat family style and these are well-suited for this. It seems brown is no longer in style so clear will have to do!

-Requested by Teri Sherwood

8 Quart Crock Pot– $54 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

There are times, believe it or not, that we have small groups that come to enjoy our facilities.  We also have more and more dietary restriction to cater to such as gluten- or dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and the like.  At such times it would be helpful to have a smaller appliance to keep these dishes separate and warm.

In the world of crock pots this is a dandy, 8 quarts with a lid holder! Can’t you just taste the meatless chili waiting at the counter?

Requested by Teri Sherwood

Maple Syrup Tapping Supplies 100% Raised! Thank you!

Sap Bag Holders (25)

$97.50 (100% Raised)

Sap Bags (25 X 2)

$6.50 x 2 (100% Raised)

Sap Spiles (25)

#1 Leader Hook Alum. $2.85 x 25 = $71.25 (100% Raised)

These supplies will allow us to tap the maple trees around camp, teaching school groups or campers the process as we do it. This could be a fun learning activity during the early spring while there is not much other activity at camp. Requested by Dustin Johnson


Backyard Maple Syrup Boiling Supply Kit -$130 (100% Raised- Thank you!)

Imagine coming to camp during the early spring thaw to help tap maple trees and boil the sap into syrup. This kit will help us do that for various groups, teaching throughout the process, and eventually enjoying the sweet taste of real maple syrup.

kit includes:

  • 1 – 24 x 30 sap filter
  • 1 – 24 x 30 syrup filter
  • 1 – 24 x 30 syrup prefilter
  • 1 – pair gray firing gloves
  • 1 – pair rubber gloves
  • 1 – defoamer
  • 1 – hydrometer
  • 1 – hydrometer cup
  • 1 – taylor thermometer
  • 1 – how to book

Requested by Dustin Johnson


Nesco Stainless Steel Roaster -100% Raised! THANK YOU!

NescoAn array of delicious food items like chili, spaghetti sauce, pulled pork, and many more options have found flavor in the NESCO. Many a kitchen cook has praised these handy wonders. Alas, another is needed. A dance for joy will occur if it comes our way.

Requested by Jane Frasier and Courtney Strom

Megaphone -$165 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

A megaphone is a valuable tool at camp! When summer hits and you’re trying to get the attention of 100+ campers it can take a lot out of the vocal chords. We need to work together to SAVE OUR VOICES! Please help us raise funds to save the voices of current and future staffers. This beautiful new megaphone will be used at campfires, big games, meal line ups, pep rallies, church picnics, sporting events, guided tours, waterfront (but not in the water, YIKES), and movie sets! It will be loved and cared for well. Thank you!

Requested by Kim Steiner.

Avantco Soup Kettle Warmer100% Raised- Thank you!

Soup Kettle WarmerWith the cold winds of winter on the horizon and winter retreats on the calendar,  hot and tasty soup is on the menu.  With only one soup warmer in working order, our desire is to have one more in use.

Requested by Jane Frasier and Courtney Strom

Dewalt 20 Volt Lithium Ion Compact Battery (2-pack)– $109 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

“Recently, a friend of Covenant Point came through with a gift of two new (sorely needed) cordless drivers for camp. They’re fantastic! We’re already putting them to use, and could benefit from a few more batter packs to keep us moving on jobs when one battery runs out. From new construction to repairs, our tools keep our staff and volunteers equipped to make ministry here happen.” –Requested by Erik Strom

O’Brien Super Screamer Tube

“Our last O’Brien Super Screamer served us faithfully for several years.  I have personally sewed it together on several occasions to prolong it’s life, but the time has come to replace this source of fun and excitement for campers, families, and staff. Ideally, we would like to purchase two new tubes to begin towing two tubes to double the fun!” 
Requested by –
Colby Mecher

Metolius Modular 15 Pack Climbing Holds – $97.50 (100% Donated! THANK YOU!)

“Camp’s climbing walls are a great introduction to climbing and high ropes for many students. However, most of the holds have remained unchanged for the life of the walls. Having a few extra holds would allow for some variety and would also allow more holds for those first couple feet of the wall, often the most difficult.”

Requested By – Trevor Mayo

128 oz SPF 30 Sunscreen$225 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Lotion, Regular, SPF 30+, One Gallon“Time in creation is one of our most powerful tools for helping campers grow. Part of making camp safe for campers must include helping them protect their skin. The sun’s rays can be dangerous to our health, and so we hope to create a culture at Covenant Point that makes regular use of sunscreen a normal, healthy choice. Some campers come with their own sunscreen, but some don’t.   A pump-style jug of sunscreen on the waterfront will help staff and campers to use sunscreen regularly all summer, and will be a visible reminder that sunscreen is indeed a good idea!”

Requested By – Erik Strom

Coghlan’s Squeeze Tubes$4.75 x 4 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

“The trips program is in need of a clean and efficient way to store liquids while on the trail. These bottles help us keep our food clean and fresh as well as allow for easy, no-mess dispensing.”

Requested by – Trips Directors, Dustin Johnson and Johanna Sparrman

Adult Chicken Costume  – $100 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

“This is obviously not an essential, but I have always thought that a Chicken suit would be a great addition to our already plentiful costume closet.  Covenant Point prides itself on the ridiculous storylines, costumes, and moments of fantasy that we put into our program. Imagine, a chicken explaining how it “came before the egg” prior to and eggs and bacon breakfast, or a petting zoo with other staff chicks, or a chicken attempting to fly off the end of the dock, the possibilities are endless!”

Requested by  – Colby Mecher

Pontoon Seat Replacements – $800 (100% Given THANK YOU!)

“Our Pontoon boats get heavy use throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall, transporting campers and food to the Island, sunset cruises for family campers, and sunken ship adventures for campers and families alike.  It’s a great opportunity to get people out on our beautiful lake, but(as pictured) our front benches are desperately in need of being replaced.”

Requested By: Colby Mecher

3/4 Ton Chain Puller with 15″ Lift  – $120 (100% Raised – THANK YOU!)

Chain Come Along 3/4 Ton Chain Puller Chain Hoist 15 Foot Lift“A come-along or chain-puller is a powerful and useful tool to have around camp. We use a tool like this for anything from hight and low ropes course construction to lifting or moving heavy equipment or materials. Currently, our wire rope come-along is almost inoperable due to many years of heavy use.”

Requested by – Erik Strom, Executive Director

Insulated Waders – $150 (100% Raised- Thank you!)

As most of you know, or have experienced in the past, we use our waders to install and remove camp’s many docks.  The time usually comes on the coldest day in spring and the same could be said for the fall. Our supply currently has a 100% failure rating as they all leak. Need I say more but help?”

Requested By – Kevin Johnson, Operations Director

Kitchen Aid Food Processor – $150 (100% Raised) 

“The kitchen is a vital and active component of a camp–just ask anyone who has ever worked there especially CREW!  Equipment which is operating well, up-to-date, and useful to large group preparation allows for safe and efficient management of time and people. The present food processor is small and has limitations in what it is able to do. It is used often and year around.  With increase volume and output capability, just think what could be done with this Kitchen Aid Food Processor!

Pallet Forks for John Deere Tractor – $800 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

“Pallet forks for our John Deere Tractor will enable us to utilize the loader on the tractor for small and larger tasks that the bucket cannot.  Be it moving out the Summit for summer use;  bringing down the dock sections for dock install or raising up shingles for the up and coming roofing jobs we have.  Forks allow us to do our job more efficiently, maneuver larger items safer, with fewer people.  It’s a large item, I know!  But a small or partial contribution would be so greatly appreciated towards this goal.  Thank you!”

Requested by – Kevin Johnson

Requested by – Jane and Courtney

Large Group Fire Ring$210 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

“With the recent completion of our new back 40 yurts, this large group fire ring will allow yurt campers to safely enjoy a common campfire and cooking area for many years to come.”

Requested by – Dustin Johnson

Angle Grinder – $69 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

“Tools help us fix buildings, repair broken equipment, and create new things that we dream about for the various programs throughout the year.  An angle grinder would give us lots of ease in cutting, buffing, and grinding various things in the pursuit of keeping camp in tip-top shape!”

Requested by – Dustin Johnson

Dewalt Jigsaw – $99 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

“As the wishlist demonstrates, many of our tools at camp are in need of replacing.  Having seemingly small things like jigsaws, and bench grinders donated allows funds to be directed towards our growing programs, and building projects in the Back 40 and around the mainland.  A jigsaw is a woodworking essential, and currently camp is borrowing one from a very generous individual . . . me!”

Requested by Kevin Johnson

Dewalt Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Combo – $229 (100% Raised! THANK YOU!)

Aurora Base Armguard – $4.49 X 6 (100% Raised THANK YOU)

“Many of our armguards have been used heavily over the years, and the elastic on many is overstretched.  It would be nice to replace them before next summer.”

Requested by – Dustin Johnson, Outdoor Ministry Director

Rode VideoMic Pro  – $229 (100% Raised!  THANK YOU!)

Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Microphone“As video’s have become more and more central to the way that we tell the story of ministry that happens, through churches, staff, and campers at Covenant Point we continue to need to update our equipment to best capture the action and interviews as they happen.  The audio that comes through the onbaord mic on our Canon t3i DSLR is often very noisy, and muddled.  This video mic would provide us with much better sound quality to continue to translate camp’s story”

Requested By – Colby Mecher

Ryobi Bench Grinder – $80 (100% Raised THANK YOU!)

“Ah, the bench grinder.  A versatile tool for any facility really!  Be it grinding waterfront tags,  bolt fabrication or just all around creative work for the programs.  We have one, but I think it might be the original to camp and it no longer works.”

Requested by: Kevin Johnson

Chainsaw Mill$150 (100% Raised! THANK YOU)

“We have a lot of timber around camp that could be used in creative ways. This would allow us to mill our own logs at camp. Think of all the beautiful things we could make to give camp a handmade, lodge feel!”

Requested by Dustin Johnson

25′ or 50′ Extension Cords –    $35 x 3 (100% Raised THANK YOU)

“Heavy Duty is the word for this request.
Light Duty will not past the test.
We use our cords as much as socks on feet.
But ours are tired, cracked, an electrically taped defeat.
Twenty-Five or Fifty feet that would be ideal
Pause; think, pray, how do you feel.
Could this be something calling your name?
An inexpensive opportunity that finally came.”

Poem Written by -Kevin Johnson

Requested By Colby Mecher

Band Saw -$229 (100% Raised- THANK YOU!)

A bandsaw would allow us to safely and easily do things in our woodshop that we currently cannot do. It would be a helpful and handy tool for everything from custom woodwork around camp to easily making game and skit props. Requested by Dustin Johnson