2024 Trip Camps

Join us this summer! Our programs are full of the characteristics and activities that make a camp experience transformative, meaningful and fun. At the same time, we are committed to high standards of health, safety and quality. All our program offerings are focused on those goals.

Covenant Point’s Trips Program offers opportunities for campers to encounter God’s complex natural creation. Having the lakes and woods of the U.P. and Northern Wisconsin at our doorstep allows us to hike and canoe in beautiful places. Smaller size groups averaging 12 trippers or less makes the program an excellent way for you to form deeper friendships with peers and to bring about discussion and interaction during the activities of the day or around the camp fire at night. For those who love the outdoors and want to learn more skills, the trips program is for you. For others who have never been camping or hiking or canoeing, the trips program is your chance to see what it is like to live in the natural world. The trips program offers challenges, fun, and adventure for middle and high school age as well as adults.

2024 TRIPS Grade Range 

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2024 Dates

(4pm Sunday – 1pm Friday)

2024 Price
Canoe (6/7/8): Flambeau River 6/7/8 July 14-19 $480
Backpack (7/8/9): Porcupine Mtns 10/11/12 July 7-12 $480
Backpack (9/10/11/12): Pictured Rocks 9/10/11/12 June 16-21 $480
Canoe (9/10/11/12): Flambeau River 9/10/11/12 July 21-26 $480
Venture Out Women’s Backpack N/A July 28 – Aug 1 $350

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Stillness and sillinessStillness and Silliness: The unexpected nature of life on the trail creates both moments of great laughter and spontaneity, as well as captivating scenery that encourages new perspective and quiet reflection

Deep DiscipleshipDeep Discipleship:  Following Jesus involves learning to depend on God and others. Campers experience evening chapels under the open sky, journaling as a spiritual discipline, and campfire discussions around God’s Word.

WildernessWilderness and Adventure:  Fully immersed in the beauty of the wilderness, trippers can hike along Lake Superior’s shore, swim in a Northwoods lake or river, summit a mountain, and cook a tasty meal over a campfire.

space to leadSpace to Lead:  Trippers may learn to navigate for the group, choose and set up a campsite, care for equipment, serve one another, and even lead devotional times- experiences which teach them how to listen well, care of one another, and make important decisions together.

excellent careExcellent Care:  Our Trips guides are well-trained in wilderness skills and risk management, as well as  certified in Wilderness First Aid, Lifeguarding, CPR, and Leave No Trace Ethics- all to provide a safe, exciting adventure for our trippers