2018 Prices & Availability

All camps are listed by grade entering in Summer 2018.

CPBC 2018 Summer Trailer from covenant point bible camp on Vimeo.


MAINLAND: Grades 2 – 12

Senior High #1: 9/10/11/12
2-Day Intro 2/3
4-Day Intro 3/4
Trailblazers 3/4/5  
Junior High 6/7/8
Senior High #2: 9/10/11/12

ISLAND: Grades 6 – 8

 Dates  Cost  Males Females
Island 6/7/8
Island 6/7/8
Island 6/7/8
Island 6/7/8
Island 6/7/8

TRIP CAMPS: Grades 6 – 12, & adults

Dates Cost  
Canoe 6/7/8: Flambeau River #1
Canoe 6/7/8: Flambeau River #2
Backpack 7/8/9: Porcupine Mountains
Canoe 9/10/11/12: Flambeau River
Adventures in Leadership 10/11/12 (AIL)
Venture Out Women: Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

FAMILY: All Ages

Dates Cost  
Family Camp #1  Prices Here.
Family Camp #2 Prices Here.
 ASD Family Camp  $150 for the whole family!
Triathlon Fundraiser August 4 Prices Here.

NOTE: Spots left for families are based on family units not individuals.

WL = Wait List. For full camps, a wait list will be started. As the summer draws near, cancellations sometimes occur for various reasons. If a camper drops out, the next camper on the wait list has the option to go to that camp. We do our best to accommodate those on the wait list for full weeks of camp. For some trips, a group may double if a wait list gets large enough to warrant a second group. Contact Covenant Point at 906.265.2117 to discuss options.

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