Family Camp


ASD Family Camp Aug. 9 – 13, 2016
Family Camp #1 June 26 – July 2, 2016
Family Camp #2 July 24 – 30, 2016

Our commitment to relationship is at the heart of each week of Family Camp. Come to relax, enjoy favorite camp activities, experience new challenges, allow loving staff to look after your children, and grow closer in faith with your own family.

“It’s a million dollar vacation. Nowhere on earth can you feel safe with your kids., and have as much fun, all while in the presence of our God.” – Family Camper, Summer 2015

“Family camp at Covenant Point is an amazing vacation . . . The staff is extraordinary on every level.  They see our children’s needs almost before you do and jump to meet it.  At meals they get your kids plates of food, during chapel they follow your wandering 3-year-old so you can sit down and worship, at the waterfront they sit and talk to your kids about life.  The kitchen staff is serving you great food every time you turn around.  The program staff is always making sure your family is getting to do the kinds of activities you want to.  All these things minister to a mother’s [and families’] heart in ways that the staff doesn’t even comprehend.  They’re just doing it because it’s what they do.  You will never take another vacation that is as relaxing as Family Camp at Covenant Point!” – Family Camper, Summer 2011

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Pricing Details
($250 deposit to register)

$375 – Adults
$315 – Ages 9-17
$185 – Ages 3-8
$65 – Under age 3
Maximum per family $1600
Minimum per family $600


Core Values

Firsthand ExoerienceFirsthand experience: Slow down and re-kindle your connections with one another around the table, build encouraging relationships with other families and staff, and become re-rooted in God’s vision for your family.

Stillness and sillinessStillness and Silliness: Show your kids your silly side with family-led big games, theme dinners, and a Friday night open-mic coffee house. The schedule is flexible enough to engage in programming as desired, with lots of staff-led activities for children, giving adults space to just “be.”

Deep DiscipleshipDeep Discipleship: Our core goal is to come alongside your family and encourage growth in Christ – as a family. Campers experience intergenerational worship, adult discussion times and age-group devotions, new habits and spiritual practices to share as a family, time for rest, and the opportunity to be prayed for by our staff.

WildernessPassion for Wilderness and Adventure: Swing from the Island’s trees, leap into the lake, sleep out in the yurts, try your hand at sailing one of our catamarans or let our staff take your family on great excursions like Bond Falls or Horserace Rapids.

space to leadSpace to Lead:  Point provides safe boundaries within the community that affords independence for children, and opportunities for all ages to lead group devotions, share testimonies, and serve camp through optional work projects.

excellent careExcellent Care:  Come and be cared for! Our staff wants to learn about your family’s needs and how to serve you well.