The Wilderness Campaign




The Wilderness Campaign seeks to raise $300,000 by December 2017 – funds that will enhance campers’ opportunities to experience God in creation by investing in crucial areas of our program and operations. As of October 2017 we have surpassed this goal and raised $336,000! Thanks be to God!

This initiative will allow more young people to experience God in creation, God in community, and God’s power at work within. To achieve this, CPBC needs to step into a new chapter of its niche ministry with the right infrastructure, equipment, and facilities – and we need your help to turn this vision into a reality.

Since the launch of our campaign we have been able to purchase and utilize many items that have enhanced our niche wilderness based programs. Thank you for your generous donations and the way they are helping us to continue to share the Kingdom with our campers.

We are thrilled to inform you about an exciting opportunity that has emerged. An anonymous staff alumnus has facilitated a matching grant challenge, offering to match dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000 any first-time givers to The Wilderness Campaign by staff alumni.  Gifts must be received prior to May 1, 2017. Please help us by sharing the news of this matching gift opportunity with family and friends who are staff alumni!

The Island – $125,000

Since its purchase in 1965, Covenant Point has owned an 8 acre island on Hagerman Lake, slowly and strategically adding spartan structures and challenge elements without disturbing the wild natural integrity. The current summer program can accommodate 32 middle school students per week in a uniquely tight-knit community unplugged from the stresses of modern life.

New Elements that we were able to add to our island programing thanks to the campaign:

  • Constructed four yurts with new bunk beds
  • Purchased 12 kayaks for island campers to use to explore the lake
  • Purchased a GoPro and accessories to better document island life and water activities
  • Purchase a Key Log to enhance programing options

Elements still in the planning phase that will be funded by the campaign:

  • Construct a sauna on the Island to serve as a rustic bath house
  • Create a permanent space to incorporate Island arts and nature crafts
  • Construct new high and low ropes climbing elements


Wilderness Trips – $75,000

In a culture that is increasingly “plugged in,” we see lives transformed when campers are given access to back country wilderness places by well-trained Christian young adult leaders. Currently, we guide six, one-week trips throughout the Upper Peninsula and surrounding regions in the course of our summer ministry. These programs are small in size but large in impact.

Investments in the future of this program have included:

  • Purchase a fleet of new river canoes and paddles
  • Purchase of new backpacks and tents
  • Purchase updated and high quality camping and safety equipment
  • Construct a pole barn storage facility in the Back 40, see pole barn construction video
  • Purchased a GoPro and accessories to better document life on trail


Endowment Fund – $100,000

As a discipline of investing in our program and facilities sustainability, we are seeking to commit a third of our total goal to the establishment of a maintenance endowment. The interest from these resources will fund the ongoing depreciation expenses on the assets supporting these programs. All Covenant Point endowment funds are held under the careful stewardship of Covenant
Trust Company.

Covenant Point has the opportunity to double down on critical opportunities by reinvesting in uniquely transformative wilderness programming for decades to come. In doing so, campers will continue to experience the wonder of God in creation as so many of us have before. To accomplish this, CPBC is inviting you to join The Wilderness Campaign.


The Wilderness Campaign Team

Julie and Randy Bladel
Stuart Brown
Benj Ecker
Sarah Snow
Deb and Kirk Townander
Erik Strom