2019 Island Camp

6/7/8 June 23 – 29, 2019 $420
6/7/8 June 30 – July 6, 2019 $420
6/7/8 July 7 – 13, 2019 $420
6/7/8 July 21 – 27, 2019 $420
6/7/8 August 4 – 10, 2019 $420

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Firsthand Exoerience

Firsthand experience: The Island creates unique experiences that value deep relationships over technology, community over individuality, and imagination over entertainment.

Stillness and silliness

Stillness and Silliness: A week on the Island is filled with creativity, craziness, and camaraderie, as well as times of solitude in creation.

Deep Discipleship Deep Discipleship:  Life in Christ is lived out in community.  Campers become a true community through daily worship at the campfire, walk partners, Island journals to direct quiet time, and counselor-led devotions.

Wilderness Passion for Wilderness and Adventure:  Islanders live the wilderness adventure with high and low rope courses, our famous Mountain Dew and Tarzan Swings, Island Ball, the zip-line, games, and appearances from the Island’s sasquatch.

space to lead Space to Lead:  Campers learn the connection between service and leadership by preparing and cleaning meals, and engaging each other through team-building activities.

excellent care Excellent Care:  We care for Islanders by fostering tech-free interactions, meaningful play, and a healthy dose of free time to teach them how easy and beneficial it is to live more simply – even without a shower for one week!