Enjoying “Joia” as a Staff, Preparing for Summer


There are often times in the life of a camp staff when strategy meetings need moments of great JOIA. So it happened one afternoon when the long winter doldrums were getting to everyone.  To add spice and flavor to our time, former Point and Harbor staff person, Carleton Johnson, shared with us a sampling of a product he is marketing. Carleton and  another associate started a business called Boundary Waters Brands selling a beverage named JOIA, a blend of three ingredients, a fruit, a flower, and a spice.  Two examples of this refreshing all natural soda are:  Blackberry/pomegranate/ginger or Lime/hibiscus/cloves.  There are six varieties in all.   The business which began in Minneapolis,  has since arrived in other locations of the country like Seattle, Los Angelas, Portland, Denver, and Chicago area.  To read more about JOIA, an informative website can be found at www.joialife.com. As for Point staff, we lift a bottle of JOIA to you, Carleton, for doing just that in our small little U.P. world. Blessings to your growth.

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