FAQs (regarding summer camp and COVID-19)

Before Camp Begins:

Campers have a key role to play in limiting the risk of spread of COVID-19 before arriving onsite. All campers, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, are required to complete a 14-day Symptom and Exposure Log, which is a simple form asking parents to verify that their camper has 1) not shown COVID-19 symptoms (fever of 100.4 or greater, sore throat, new onset of a cough, new onset of shortness of breath, diarrhea/vomiting, new onset of severe headache - especially with fever, or loss of taste or smell, and 2) not had recent close contact with a person with COVID-19. For campers with chronic conditions, we will be looking for a change from their baseline condition or typical health status.

If you need to mark “yes” on any questions during the 14 days prior to camp, please notify our office at cpbc@cpbc.com or 906-265-2117 right away. Our medical staff will work with you to determine next steps. In some cases, that might involve ongoing monitoring, in other cases, we may require a visit with your doctor, or a negative test result to attend camp.

Testing will not generally be required to attend camp at Covenant Point. Our risk mitigation efforts will focus on pre-screening, outdoor programming, limited mask use, staff vaccination, and daily health screening.

Contact our office right away. Our medical team will work with individuals case by case to gather information and make decisions regarding camp attendance. Campers who test positive for COVID-19 will not be permitted to attend camp. Campers showing symptoms or who have had recent close contact with someone who has COVID-19 will likely not be able to attend camp; a determination will be made based on each situation. In the case of needed cancellation, a full refund will be offered, less a $25 processing fee.  

Based on CDC guidelines, yes, campers who are fully vaccinated may still attend camp even if they have had a close contact with a person with COVID-19, as long as they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Life at Camp:

Campers will sleep in cabins or yurts, in capacities and sleeping distances that align with best practices established for camps by the CDC. Our lodges will house a maximum of 7-8 campers per room, along with one counselor. Campers will only be allowed in their own cabin. Cabin or yurt windows will be kept open whenever weather allows to provide as much ventilation as possible. Wherever possible, each cabin group will have one assigned private bathroom.

Each cabin or yurt group will consist of 7-8 campers and one counselor. Cabin groups will function as a “household” and not be required to use face masks when indoors and in close proximity*. Each cabin group will be assigned a “cohort” of 3-4 cabin groups for certain programming elements, mealtimes, and chapels. On the Island, the whole community (4 yurt groups, two male and two female) will function as one cohort.

Yes, under a very few certain situations, campers will need to use masks: during camper check-in/check-out (all campers, staff, and parents), entering the health center, or anytime campers are indoors with others outside of their cabin group. Mask use will be  limited, as most programming will take place outdoors, where masks will not be required. We ask that campers bring one face mask per day (labeled with their name). Campers will not be required to wear face masks in their own cabins or cabin groups. Any campers or parents who feel more comfortable wearing masks more frequently than required are certainly welcome to do so, and camp staff are trained to be supportive of those choices.

Yes, campfires and chapel worship times will include singing, and those activities will take place outdoors, without masks. Campers will be grouped together during these times by cabin group and cohort.

Yes, the canteen will be available for Mainland campers this summer, most likely as an outdoor stand. The canteen will not be open during camper check-in or check-out.

Yes. Campers may receive mail and email (campermail@cpbc.com, with the camper’s name in the subject line).

To reduce risk of exposure while traveling in public areas and illness while away from medical staff, and to address logistical complexity, we have made the difficult decision to not run wilderness trips during summer 2021. We plan to resume this important area of our programming for summer 2022.

Yes. Campers will eat only in their designated, outdoor area with their cohort, seated at tables within their cabin group.

Meals will be served by our staff, who will be wearing masks and gloves. We will also have fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads. The salad bar and family-style buffets will not be in use.

Families will be asked to limit interactions with other family groups to the outdoors, where masks will not be required. If multiple families choose to come to a family camp together as a "household," they may share a cabin and interact as if they are in the same family. Otherwise, each family will eat at its own table and have its own private lodging and restroom. Programming this summer will limit indoor mixing of family groups, and utilize masks when necessary.


We suggest working within your local church to arrange transportation solutions. If you are unable to find a workable solution, we encourage you to contact us directly.

In both cases, this is up to you as a parent/guardian. For pick-up, designate who you want your camper released to at the end of the week on your registration form, and they may pick up your camper. Please note that we are now implementing an identification verification process during camper pickup. Anyone picking up a camper must present an identification before your camper can be released.

Check-In Procedures:

Yes. After you and your camper have finished registration, you will be directed toward your camper’s cabin group and counselor, who will be outside at a nearby picnic table (pending good weather conditions). All cabin groups will initially gather outside. You can meet your camper’s counselor without gathering inside the cabin. Once all cabin members have registered, parents are encouraged to say goodbyes, and then campers will travel together to their cabin to get settled in. You can read about any staff you are unable to meet at registration in our staff bio booklet. This booklet is handed out at registration and will be available online.

The canteen will not be open for sales during drop off or pickup, but it will be open for parents to deposit money and browse some merchandise options. It will be open during the week for campers.

Campers will spend time outside with their cabin groups and counselor meeting one another, playing games, and saying goodbye to their parents/guardians. Again, once all members of the cabin are checked-in, your camper’s cabin group will get settled in their building.

Check-Out Procedures:

Camper pick-up will function similarly to check-in. Face masks will be required for all campers, parents, and staff. All the cabin groups will gather outside, with their luggage, and wait to be picked up. When you arrive, if your camper was an Islander, you will head to the waterfront. If your camper was on the Mainland you will walk towards the big field. 

Before you make contact with your camper or their counselor you will need to check-in with the Program or Island Director. The director will have a copy of your camper’s registration form, which indicates those to whom the camper may be released. The director will ask for the name of the camper you are picking up, ask for your name and verification with a photo ID, and ensure they may be released to you. At that time, you will receive a sticky label with your camper’s name, counselor’s name, and cabin name. You will proceed to your camper’s cabin group, give your sticky label to the counselor, and then your camper will be released to you.

Since we are unfortunately not offering a bus this year, we have adjusted our pick-up time to accommodate parent travel needs. Your camper will eat lunch prior to pick-up. 

Yes, if you need to pick your camper up early please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements to have them ready at the appropriate time. We cannot accommodate requests for late pickups, however. If you need to change the person designated to pick your camper up at the end of the week, please call our office and let us know. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate layover weekend campers this summer. Your camper will need to be picked up and then dropped off again the following week.

Yes. You must designate to whom your camper may be released on your registration. Per state of Michigan law, we can release your camper only to individuals listed specifically by the camper’s parent/guardian on the registration form. Please note a new step this year: parent/guardian or authorized adult identification is required for camper pick-up.

No, unfortunately if a camper needs to leave at any point, they will not be permitted to return to camp.

COVID-19 Case:

One case - suspected or confirmed - is not likely to close camp for everyone. We will contact the camper’s parent(s) or guardian(s) to notify them and get consent to test. One of our trained staff will take the camper to be tested locally, and the camper will be quarantined (and cabin isolated - but provided with ongoing camp activities in a safe manner) until we receive test results. If the case is confirmed, we will work with our local health department and proceed according to our predetermined plans for outbreak prevention.

Yes, if there is a suspected case, the individual camper’s family will be notified promptly, followed by the parents of all other campers in that cabin.

Yes. Once we have communicated with 1) the camper’s parents, and 2) the parents of all other campers in that cabin, we will then notify all camper families via email.

If you are the camper’s designated parent/guardian, you may make arrangements with our office to pick up your camper at any time. If a camper leaves camp, they will not be permitted to return that week to resume their session.

Our staff team will be ready to respond in close coordination with our local health department. Quick and thorough communication with camper families is a key component of that plan.

Our plans adhere with the state of Michigan’s comprehensive guidelines for camp operations during COVID-19. Additionally, we are working closely with the Dickinson-Iron County Health Department to develop and approve our plans for summer camp operation.

Yes. We have reduced overall capacity to provide adequate space and support services/staff should multiple campers and/or staff require a space to quarantine.

We have the accommodations and staff to quarantine your camper should they have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. If the case is suspected, with parental consent we will have them tested at a local health provider. If, after testing, the case is confirmed, we will contact you to make transportation plans. You will need to be able to pick up your camper within 36 hours of diagnosis.

If your camper is not directly involved in the situation, our standard contact policy will still apply - letters and emails are highly encouraged while phone communication is not ordinarily allowed.

In this situation, please contact our office right away at cpbc@cpbc.com or 906-265-2117.

Staff Preparations:

Yes, all staff will complete a 14-day symptom and exposure log prior to arrival at camp. Additionally, all staff have been strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.

We are adding training that covers new policies and procedures relative to COVID-19. Additionally, staff will receive training in proper mitigation techniques, and symptom identification.

In addition to our usual week-to-week volunteer health officer, we have a registered nurse onsite all summer to lead our COVID-19 monitoring and protocols.

Preparing for Camp:

We recommend reading through these FAQs with your camper, so they are familiar with what to expect.

Please bring face masks ( at least 1 per day), a durable water bottle, and plenty of sunscreen, as we’ll be outdoors more often. Please label these items with your camper’s name.  See updated packing lists at www.cpbc.com/resources.

Other Questions:

If you have other unanswered questions, feel free to email cpbc@cpbc.com. Thanks!