Triathlon FAQ’s

Why a triathlon & fitness walk at Covenant Point?

To raise funds to offset cost of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Family Camp (ASD)

It is the third year this Christian four day summer camp has been an option for families who have children with autism. The program is operated like any family camp week at CPBC but is specially designed to build community and support for children with special needs, their parents, and their siblings. Monies given for the triathlon enable this opportunity for families at a cost of $150 for the whole family. Parents find financial needs to be great so being able to come to camp is a special blessing for so many of the ASD families.

 What is a team triathlon?

A team triathlon is where 2 or 3 people run the separate legs of a triathlon in a relay.

 Will individuals running all legs of the Triathlon be competing with those running in a team?

No.  The team and individual triathlons will be timed separately.

 Does a person have to be in excellent physical condition to participate?

No. The three events are designed to allow participation at a variety of skill levels. The full triathlon is a 1/2 mile swim, 25 mile bike and 10 K run. This is the same as an Olympic triathlon except the swim has been shortened from one mile to 1/2 mile.

 Is speed the most important thing?

No. Most people who run marathons and triathlons want to do well and challenge themselves.  Finishing a course that is personally challenging is often the goal. The ultimate goal of our triathlon is to raise funds for ministry to special needs children.

What are your requirements for athletes to participate in the triathlon?

Participants must complete all registration forms, fundraise for or personally donate to the event, and follow triathlon course rules outlined during orientation (including wearing a helmet for the bike portion of the race).

 How long does it take?

The swim takes 12-25 minutes. The bike takes 70-120 minutes. The run takes 40-80 minutes. The walk takes about 90 minutes. The fastest time ever was 2 hrs& 11 min; Slowest time ever was 4 hrs& 12 min. Overall time varies, but typical time is approximately 2 hrs & 45 min.

Why three different events?

Our goal is to have a successful fundraiser. We hope that many people at various levels of fitness will participate.  We hope that the sponsors will respond generously if they see that the participants are willing to challenge themselves for the sake of these children.

What will conditions be like?

August is a beautiful time of year in the Upper Peninsula. This is usually a dry time of year and the lake temperature, though never hot, is at its warmest (70-72).  The bike course will all be paved, wooded roadway.  The running and walking courses will be mostly paved  with a mile and 1/2 of delightful hiking trail.

Where should participants seek sponsors?

We realize that congregations must seek funds to help sponsor many ministry responsibilities and opportunities.  For this we are grateful.  We hope that our congregations and individuals within the congregations will help sponsor participants.

We also encourage participants to seek sponsorship outside their congregations from friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers and even businesses or corporations.  We think it is reasonable to expect that if participants believe in the value of Christian camping and Covenant Point, their sponsors will respect and want to support them in their participation in this event.  Not all of our ministry is done for Covenant people.  We should be proud to offer others an opportunity to be a part of what we believe in.

Can I attend the weekend if I’m not in the triathlon or fitness walk?

Yes. We believe this will be a great weekend for friends and families to share.  Non participants will pay standard weekend rates.  Housing will be dormitory style (family or couples housing may not be available). The food is great, the atmosphere is active and fun. Cheering on the participants is as enjoyable as competing in the event.