Donation Wish List

Our staff are always dreaming of resources that will help us to more effectively carry out our mission. Unfortunately, Covenant Point’s budget doesn’t always allow for those resources. Below you will see a list of items that would benefit our ministry – might you be able to help meet a specific need like one of these? Contact us directly for details, or simply click on the donate button below each item to contribute a portion or the entire cost.  Once a project reaches its funding goal, it will be purchased or completed. Please check back with us to see pictures of these fruits of generosity from our supporters.

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Camper Scholarship Fund  – $75

Total Amount = Ongoing

“In 2015, Covenant Point disbursed $45,000 in financial aid to campers who otherwise would have never been able to experience the life-change that a week of camp can provide. This was almost $20,000 more than we’ve ever given before, and I’m convinced that through these resources, we were able to carry out our mission in a uniquely important, God-honoring, way to children and adolescents who have staggering needs. Help us continue to be able to reach out with God’s love to the poorest in our communities by giving a gift of financial aid.”

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director 

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3DR Drone and Accessory Pack – $1,000 (0% Raised)

Covenant Point has been blessed by beautiful surroundings! Help us share that beauty through unique photos and videos captured with the aid of a drone! Our photo and video promotional materials are crucial to getting the word across about the the unique opportunities available at Covenant Point. Imagine aerial photos and videos of the Island yurts, big games in the field, campfires at the cross, times of adventure on the ropes courses, and more!

Requested by Dustin Johnson, Program Manager

Nesco Roaster (2)$275 (50% Raised)

We use our 18 quart roasters to free up oven space and have had to retire a few the last year. We would like to add 2 more to our fleet for when we have meals like pulled pork.

Requested by Teri Sherwood, Head Cook & House Keeping Coordinator


Climbing Seat Harness  – $1200 (0% Raised)

Ropes courses are a very important part of what we do at Covenant Point.  As such it’s imperative that we maintain our equipment well! We continually rotate out old material making room for new!   If you’d like you could donate towards one, two or all.    Thanks so much for your support in this ministry.  It’s truly wonderful to see how people choose to bless us.

Requested by Kevin Johnson, Operations Manager


Laminating Machine and Sleeves  – $230 (0% Raised)

Here at Covenant Point we are often placing signs up around camp to welcome and communicate with our guests.  Many things would look nicer and last longer if they were laminated!

Requested by Courtney Strom, Interim Office Manager



GPS and Dashboard Mount –  $160 (0% Raised)

Whether it’s staff on the road for a visit with one of our churches, or a group of campers being transported to a wilderness area for a summer trip, a GPS for camp would be a great help to keep us always heading in the right direction!

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director 


XL Broom Ball Helmets (12) –  $699.90 (75% Raised)

Broom Ball is a very popular winter activity around camp.  To keep players safe we have been using Medium and Large Bauer helmets.  These helmets work great for our junior and senior high campers.  But when the Men’s retreat rolls around, the helmets are too snug for our adult broom ball players.  We are looking to purchase a 5 blue and 5 red extra-large Bauer helmets to help keep our broom ball games safe.

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director 

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New Broom Ball Frames and Nets $1,259.97 (0% Raised)

Broom ball is a loved sport by many of our winter campers.  But our broom ball nets are also used year round for soccer nets in the summer and fall.  Our current nets have seen better days and we would like to purchase replacement nets for our current frames.  We are also looking to purchase a new set of nets and frames to increase the number of games of broom ball we can play at a given time.

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director

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CPBC Wood Burn Logo $350 (0% Raised)

Much like the new stamp we created for our handmade pottery mugs, we are hoping to purchase an electric wood brand with the CPBC logo.  We are excited about all the possibilities this will open up for us, including  CPBC wooden ornaments to be sold in the canteen, projects in the arts and crafts and more!

Requested by Courtney Strom, Office Manager