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Our staff are always dreaming of resources that will help us to more effectively carry out our mission. Unfortunately, Covenant Point’s budget doesn’t always allow for those resources. Below you will see a list of items that would benefit our ministry – might you be able to help meet a specific need like one of these? Contact us directly for details, or simply click on the donate button below each item to contribute a portion or the entire cost.  Once a project reaches its funding goal, it will be purchased or completed. Please check back with us to see pictures of these fruits of generosity from our supporters.

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Camper Scholarship Fund: $75

Total Amount = Ongoing

“In 2015, Covenant Point disbursed $45,000 in financial aid to campers who otherwise would have never been able to experience the life-change that a week of camp can provide. This was almost $20,000 more than we’ve ever given before, and I’m convinced that through these resources, we were able to carry out our mission in a uniquely important, God-honoring, way to children and adolescents who have staggering needs. Help us continue to be able to reach out with God’s love to the poorest in our communities by giving a gift of financial aid.”

Requested by Erik Strom, Executive Director 

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DVDs to watch on the bus ride to camp

We are in need of some G or PG rated movies for our bus rides to and from Chicago, Elgin, Rockford, and Madison each week of the summer.  We are pleased to provide our campers with the comfort and ease of a coach bus, equipped with a DVD player and it would be nice to have our own selection of movies to send along for the bus counselors to show on the ride to/from camp (we currently borrow from our staff families personal collections). We’d be happy to accept any used or new G or PG rated DVDs.

Requested by Courtney Strom, Office Manager

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Foosball Table: $900.00 (0% Raised)

We have recently updated both sides of our canteen and our beloved foosball table is getting much use.  However, it is now past it’s prime.  We’d love to have a new one this summer for all our campers to enjoy, especially on those rainy days!

Requested by Courtney Strom, Office Manager

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