Rockin Robins Week 2

Eighteen little buddies and big buddies participated in Week 2 of Rockin Robins. Despite lots of standing water in the woods, the weather allowed for outdoor fun. During snack time, the children saw and touched a salamander and turtle as Dustin shared about each one. Next, big and little buddies took to the forests on a hunt looking for various natural items such as a bird nest, pine cone, flowering plants, bugs, and birds. The big project was making a bluebird house. Lots of pounding and nailing went on for some time as big and little heads were bent over their wooden bird structures. No damaged fingers were reported. The time ended with our guest reader, Erik Strom, reading a story, and two bird calls, a chickadee and cardinal, by the little buddies.  As they boarded the van to go home, the children were loaded with not only their bird houses, but also a seed bird feeder that they made the week before!

Thanks again to all of you for making this time special.

Enjoy these pictures!

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