West Iron County Kindergarten Days

It was an active, fun-filled learning day for 83 kindergarteners on May 7 and 8. The children participated in a nature program called Life Cycles. The day began with Nature Tag in which various nature related objects were called out and then tagged by the students. Students ran to trees with needles, pine cones, maple trees, saplings, and trees bigger around than their arms. There were five discovery lessons in which groups of 8 or 9 students rotated for 30 minute sessions.  These were Needs of a Tree, Butterfly Life Cycle, Freddy the Fish and Pollution, The Seed Song (with actions!), and Stages of a Tree. Lessons were interactive and time was spent both inside and outside. A big group game of Predators Verses Prey was enjoyed by all after lunch. At the end of the day, all students sang the Seed Song, acting out the life stages of a tree.  Staff from Covenant Point for the day were Abby Austin, Anders Ahlberg, Kim Steiner, Verl Hudson, Jane Frasier and Dustin Johnson. The WIC teaching staff of Courtney Busakowski, Lynn Fish, Maggie Scheffer, and Terri O’Donnell shared how much the students benefitted from their day at Covenant Point and how pleased they all were with this experience.  See all the fun in these pictures!

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