North Park University

NPU Students and Faculty Retreat to the North Woods

Thanks to former summer staffer, Keir Quackenbush, for the great article.

“CHICAGO (November 21, 2013) — On Friday, October 25, a group of 14 North Park students and four professors interested in nature, philosophy, and creative writing allowed themselves to retreat. No, not from an argument, the prose of Heidegger, or writer’s block, but from the realm of exhaust, excitement, and excess: they retreated from the city.”

“Clark and others hope that the retreat can become an annual event. He emphasizes that there is a ‘mutual desire to strengthen the connections between North Park and Covenant Point,” adding, “[Covenant Point offers] us a setting where we can reflect on the ways [that] our city lives affect and are affected by the human and non-human lives in rural areas.'”

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