Key Changes for Summer 2021 Youth Camps

We are excited to bring back summer camp for 2021! Our programs are full of the characteristics and activities that make a camp experience transformative, meaningful and fun. At the same time, we are committed to high standards of health, safety and quality in an unusual time. All our program offerings are focused on those goals. Based on anticipated COVID-19 conditions and best practices, here is some of what you might expect at Covenant Point this summer (subject to change).

High-touch areas of our site and facilities will be sanitized at an increased rate. New hand-washing and sanitizer stations will be added to key areas - both on the Mainland and Island.

Campers will be placed in a cabin (or yurt on the Island) of approximately 8 campers and 1 counselor. Campers will also be placed in a larger “pod” of about 30-40 campers (4-5 cabin groups). Based on the most current CDC recommendations for camps, distancing, outdoor environments, and masks are all mitigation techniques that will be utilized as appropriate.

Our outdoor environment will be heavily utilized for as much programming as possible - even more than normal this summer. We plan to add large outdoor tent facilities for worship, activities, and mealtimes. We anticipate most camp activities being available, but possibly in adapted forms, such as in pods or cabin groups rather than larger gatherings.

We have simplified, shortened, and reduced capacity for our summer schedule significantly in light of the complexity of operating safely. As such, some weeks have been eliminated and remaining weeks have been shortened to various degrees, depending on the week. (Please note that not all weeks begin and end on the same day of the week). Extra time between programs will allow us to thoroughly clean and give staff needed time to rest and monitor health.

Unfortunately, we will not be offering a charter bus service this summer. This is a hard change, we know. No matter how we looked at this, however, we could not find a way to safely run the bus. We trust this is a one-year pause and that next summer the bus will be back. We hope our afternoon pick-up times on the last day of the camp session will help facilitate your transportation arrangements.

In order to reduce risk onsite at Covenant Point, we will be implementing a drive-through camper check-in procedure. Parents will be asked to stay in vehicles while campers are checked in. Staff will be available to greet, reassure, help with luggage, bring campers to their cabins, get settled in, and answer any questions. Camper pick-up will look similar, and will take place at the new time of 1pm - following lunch.

Except in the case of severe weather, meal times will primarily take place outdoors. Each pod, composed of individual cabin groups, will have its own specific outdoor tented area (or shelter on the Island) with preassigned tables for eating. New handwashing stations will be available, and washing required before meals.

A suspected or confirmed case at camp will result in clear and timely communication to family members, quarantining and medical care of the camper, supervised and programmed isolation of the whole cabin group, and close work with our local health department. If a case is confirmed, we will work with you to arrange a plan for pick-up, which must happen within 36 hours of a positive test result.

If, because of a COVID-19 exposure, illness, or related concern, you need to cancel, you will receive a full refund minus a $25 processing fee. Alternatively, you may transfer your deposit and fees to a future Covenant Point program. In the event of a full camp cancellation by Covenant Point due to COVID-19, all registration fees, including full deposit, will be refunded.

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