2012 Trailblazer Overnight

The 2012 Trailblazer Overnight was yet another whirlwind of camp experiences, fun worship, and good conversations.  Johanna Sparrman–a second year intern–was the speaker this weekend and spoke to the children about the importance of “Faith, Hope, and Love” and the overflowing life that God offers us through Jesus.   This retreat always seems to go by too fast, but we packed lots of fun activities into the 24 hours that the children were here.  Highlights of the weekend include: Diamond Smugglers game, Hysteria team competition in the Tab, exciting worship, Johanna’s messages, climbing wall, sauna, roller skating in the tab, and pumpkin carving.

Our fall retreats are almost over now, with Pastors from the Central Conference coming in today, and a community big brother/big sister program coming in this weekend.  Join us for Christmas Camp, or any of our other retreats coming up.  If you missed the retreat this year, make sure if your 4/5/6 grader gets to come next year!  Here are some pictures of the weekend.

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