Junior High Fall Retreat

This past weekend junior high youth groups from the Chicagoland area came up to camp for the long weekend and had a great time relaxing, playing games, worshipping and growing together as fellow Christians.  Covenant churches in attendance included Hinsdale, Batavia, Rockford(Bethesda), Winnetka, Deer Grove.  We also had the privilege of beginning a relationship with Park Ridge Community Church, the church where former summer staffer Lauren Malecki is now serving as Associate Pastor.

The messages of the weekend were given by Covenant Point year-round staff and focus on “Relationships: In Christ”, talking about four types of relationships that we have “In Christ”.  Through focusing on our relationship to: God, parents, creation, and others we were able to challenge students in a number of different ways to be living in Christ in every relationship within their lives.  Program highlights of the weekend included: Track N’ Trail high ropes, Floor Hockey in the tab, “Sasquatch” game on the Island, Sauna and dips in the lake, nightgame, and a large back 40 bonfire.  Now we are gearing up for the trailblazer overnight this coming weekend where intern Johanna Sparrman will be speaking to 4/5/6 graders about “Faith, Hope, and Love”

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