First Covenant Youth Group Visit

On Sunday, Anders, Abby, and Kim headed to Iron Mountain to visit the First Covenant Church youth group.  They had a great time hanging with the kids, sharing with them about the OneLife retreat, and leading a few rounds of Scatterball and V-Bombs.  For more information on the OneLife retreats coming up in 2014, visit our OneLife page!


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CPBC Writing Retreat – North Park University

North Park University philosophy and creative writing students came to Covenant Point Bible Camp for a writing retreat the weekend of October 25-28.  Students spent the weekend meeting in our Outdoor Education Building for faculty led sessions and discussions, walking our interpretive trail, reading  nature writings, visiting Sylvania Wilderness area, learning to start fire without matches, enjoying home-cooked meals together, taking time to write, and sharing their writings around the fireplace at night.

Writing Retreat in the North Woods


2013 Trailblazers Retreat

Last weekend, we welcomed 40-some 4th-6th graders and their youth group leaders for the Trailblazer Retreat!  We had great fun making scarecrows, playing games, and carving pumpkins, and of course a trip out to the Island where campers played games, swung on the Tarzan swing, and enjoyed a game of Island Ball. Although a chilly weekend, everyone was able to enjoy plenty of time outside. Time around the campfire, playing games in the big field, and jumping into the lake after a trip to the sauna were all highlights. There was also plenty of good food and hot chocolate available throughout the retreat. During our chapel times, campers received messages from two of our own interns, Anders Ahlberg and Abby Austin, who shared about God’s relationship with us and how that changes our relationship with others. Songs led by Kevin Johnson and Erik Strom made chapel sessions a great place to worship!

Check out these pictures from the weekend!

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Quilter’s Retreat 2013

We hosted some wonderful AND creative women this past weekend. The quilter’s retreat was a long weekend filled with space to finish up projects, showing off all their hard work, enjoy good food, fellowship and laughter. The ladies had a “show and tell” on Friday evening where they had a chance to share with the group the projects they had been working on. There was space to talk about the inspiration for the quilt or other creative work, and what’s a “show and tell” without a SWORD! Rev. Bill Fish hosted a Bible study on Sunday morning, which had full attendance and it was followed by a wonderful brunch!

Thank you to all the ladies who came and we are really excited about next year!

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Jr. High Fall Retreat

What are these pictures from? Well, junior high youth groups from the Chicagoland area and the UP came to Covenant Point for the long Columbus Day weekend and had a great time exploring, playing games, worshipping and growing together as fellow Christians.  Covenant churches in attendance included Hinsdale, Batavia, Park Ridge, Winnetka, and Grace Covenant.

The messages of the weekend were given by youth leaders from the attending Covenant Churches, Lauren Malecki, Christy Bouris, Lars Stromberg, as well as our camp director Erik Strom.  These talented speakers shared about relationships Jesus had with the Father, outsiders, his disciples, and children.  Music was led by our friends and youth leaders Colby Mecher, Jamie Sladkey, Meghan Bruggeman, and Lars Stromberg.  The kids also enjoyed a hike out to beautiful Ottowa Lake, some time doing high ropes on our Island, and games including a guest appearance by the chicken!


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Women’s Retreat 2013

We had our annual Women’s Retreat here at Covenant Point.

We had a great speaker, great food and great fellowship. Please enjoy some wonderful photos!

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2012 Trailblazer Overnight

The 2012 Trailblazer Overnight was yet another whirlwind of camp experiences, fun worship, and good conversations.  Johanna Sparrman–a second year intern–was the speaker this weekend and spoke to the children about the importance of “Faith, Hope, and Love” and the overflowing life that God offers us through Jesus.   This retreat always seems to go by too fast, but we packed lots of fun activities into the 24 hours that the children were here.  Highlights of the weekend include: Diamond Smugglers game, Hysteria team competition in the Tab, exciting worship, Johanna’s messages, climbing wall, sauna, roller skating in the tab, and pumpkin carving.

Our fall retreats are almost over now, with Pastors from the Central Conference coming in today, and a community big brother/big sister program coming in this weekend.  Join us for Christmas Camp, or any of our other retreats coming up.  If you missed the retreat this year, make sure if your 4/5/6 grader gets to come next year!  Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Junior High Fall Retreat

This past weekend junior high youth groups from the Chicagoland area came up to camp for the long weekend and had a great time relaxing, playing games, worshipping and growing together as fellow Christians.  Covenant churches in attendance included Hinsdale, Batavia, Rockford(Bethesda), Winnetka, Deer Grove.  We also had the privilege of beginning a relationship with Park Ridge Community Church, the church where former summer staffer Lauren Malecki is now serving as Associate Pastor.

The messages of the weekend were given by Covenant Point year-round staff and focus on “Relationships: In Christ”, talking about four types of relationships that we have “In Christ”.  Through focusing on our relationship to: God, parents, creation, and others we were able to challenge students in a number of different ways to be living in Christ in every relationship within their lives.  Program highlights of the weekend included: Track N’ Trail high ropes, Floor Hockey in the tab, “Sasquatch” game on the Island, Sauna and dips in the lake, nightgame, and a large back 40 bonfire.  Now we are gearing up for the trailblazer overnight this coming weekend where intern Johanna Sparrman will be speaking to 4/5/6 graders about “Faith, Hope, and Love”

Columbus Day Junior High Retreat

October 8-10, 2011

With autumn sunshine, 70 degree temperatures and 95+ people attending, there was no lack of energy or activity for this retreat. The photos below show the variety of happenings.  Singing and chapel times doted the weekend fun. Mike Stelle, from Harbor Covenant Church in Gig Harbor, WA, was speaker. His talks focused on Abundant Life and the importance of jumping into what God wants us to do.  Many adult and summer staff volunteers added to the mix of interaction and fun. A pontoon boat trip was taken to the Island to do the mountain dew swing, and the Back 40 for the zip line and low elements

Trailblazer Retreat

October 15-16, 2011

It’s amazing how much can happen in 24 hours.  Just ask any of the children and adults who attended this Trailblazer Retreat.  From start to finish there was plenty of action and energy, singing and talks, outdoor time, and games, goofing around and being together in a healthy environment. Don’t forget the good food as well!! A  special thanks to Dustin Johnson and his lively yet Bible centered talks, Johanna for the unique programming, and many volunteers from far and wide who added to it all.  Enjoy the photos below of all the fun and excitement.

Covenant Womens Retreat 2011

September 23-25, 2011

What happens when a 150 women gather for a weekend?  They draw closer to God and grow in their faith. They share in building relationships. They are serious, lively, active, and joyful. They encourage each other and enjoy each other. They talk about personal and life issues. They enjoy good food, laughter, and discussion at meals. They spend time in quiet and reflection, observing the change and beauty of autumn. They see the Creator’s touch in nature and in each other.  They take delight in family moments with daughters and moms. They pray to a God who hears, a Savior who loves them, and a Spirit who sustains them. They listen and process the meaning of shalom.  They appreciate Judy Howard Peterson and the powerful message and challenge she presented in her talks. They go away changed, renewed, encouraged, loved, and ready to once more take on the many joys and demands of their lives in the U.P. of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Vermont.

Download Judy’s Sermons by clicking on the links below
Friday Night Download
Saturday Morning Download
Saturday Evening Download
Sunday Morning Download