Wish List Donations!

Kevin Johnson (pictured below) is obviously very excited about the latest donation from our Donation Wishlist. a roofing nailer that was generously donated by someone who got excited about helping us with the many roofing projects that we have on the horizon.  This donation will definitely make those projects ALOT easier and faster.  Over the past months we have also received funds for new: recurve archery bows, archery safety equipment, music stands, and meat thermometers.  Thank you to all who donated!

The Donation Wishlist is a place where our staff members dream about things that we could use around camp to help make camp fun, beautiful and continually effective in showing people Jesus.  Thanks for your exciting responses over the past year as we have received over $3500 in donations from the wishlist alone!

The wishlist is a dream of our things that we would like for camp, but if you have a dream of a donation we would love to hear about your dream of how to keep our ministry vital and able to best services the campers, families and churches that we partner in ministry with.



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