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May 13, 2015 – New Tents for Our Backpack and Canoe Trips

Thanks to generous donations, our backpack and canoe trip campers will have new tents to sleep in this summer (and some new backpacks)!

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New Snowplow + Truck

Through the efforts of some U.P. churches, and individuals, camp has gotten a Ford F-350 truck, and a Boss V-plow. This is such a wonderful fulfillment of a need at camp, our main plowing vehicle is camp’s John Deere tractor, which requires whoever is using it to sit out in the elements for a long stretch of time, . With the new truck, whoever snowplows now has a heated cab, and a hydraulic snow plow that can go to any angle at the push of a button. This new plow is also wider and taller, which allows you to push more snow at once and take more out of a bank with a single pass, all of this to say that plowing is much faster now. We at camp are so thankful for those who helped get this donation fulfilled.

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We have been feeling very encouraged from all of the generous donations we have received on the Wishlist!

Kevin’s exact words when moving the small raft to the Waterfront last week were “I love these pallet forks!”  We’ve also been having a great time playing Spikeball with the Purdue students, and finished making the maple syrup which we will be selling in the Canteen this summer.  Thanks to all who continue to support our ministry with these gifts!  You can see all of the wonderful donations we’ve received on our Completed Wishlist page.

Pallet forks


IMG_9541 IMG_9542

Tree Tapping

Now that the swirling winds of winter are lightening, Dustin, Anders, and Johanna went out to start tapping maple trees for sap!  We’re very thankful to our generous donors who supported us through our Wishlist to make this possible!  We’re excited to start using these gifts to make our own maple syrup and teach students about that process.  Thank you for your support!

Thank you!

We are grateful for all of the generous donations from our Wish List!  We at Covenant Point are able to continue our ministry by the generosity and prayers of others who love camp as much as we do.  Thank you all for the blessing of  your faithful prayers, encouragement, and donations of tools and time to Covenant Point!

Just look at these beautiful newly donated casserole dishes replacing the brown bowls!


Brand new Nesco for the kitchen!

Our new head cook, Teri, is putting our latest wishlist gift to good use as she prepares for the first OneLife retreat!

Click here  to find out more about OneLife, and check out our wish list for more information!

Teri nesco

New Wishlist Donations!

We continue to be overwhelmed and excited by the generosity of people giving through our Wishlist Donation page.  In the last month we have received gifts of: a bench grinder, chain puller, extension cords, many kitchen goodies(food processor, a NICE knife, spatulas, etc), new archery equipment(Bows, and armguards), and a CHICKEN SUIT (something that will come in very handy in skits this summer)!

Thanks to all who gave.  Stay updated on our lastest dreams and wishes at the Donation Wishlist. We are always thinking and dreaming of new things that could be useful/updated in the ministry of camp and it is through the donation of things small and large through the wishlist that we are able to expand our effectiveness in hosting, caring, and programming for people to come and experience new life in Christ and be encouraged in their next step of faith.  

Enjoy the photos! 

Wish List Donations!

Kevin Johnson (pictured below) is obviously very excited about the latest donation from our Donation Wishlist. a roofing nailer that was generously donated by someone who got excited about helping us with the many roofing projects that we have on the horizon.  This donation will definitely make those projects ALOT easier and faster.  Over the past months we have also received funds for new: recurve archery bows, archery safety equipment, music stands, and meat thermometers.  Thank you to all who donated!

The Donation Wishlist is a place where our staff members dream about things that we could use around camp to help make camp fun, beautiful and continually effective in showing people Jesus.  Thanks for your exciting responses over the past year as we have received over $3500 in donations from the wishlist alone!

The wishlist is a dream of our things that we would like for camp, but if you have a dream of a donation we would love to hear about your dream of how to keep our ministry vital and able to best services the campers, families and churches that we partner in ministry with.



Chuck Frasier Memorial Campaign Exceeds $500,000 In Pledges

Overjoyed by the excitement and generosity of giving to the Our Next Step of Faith campaign, we are pleased to announce that in conjunction with the first annual Chicago 5K & Half Marathon, and the faithful giving of over 300 donors, we have now exceeded the $500,000 mark for pledges toward our $600,000 goal!  The funds raised thus far have fully paid for and completed construction of the new directors home, re-established connection with many members of the Covenant Point community, established the (growing) Chuck Frasier Memorial Internship Endowment Fund, and welcomed our first official Chuck Frasier Memorial Intern, Kim Steiner.

The director’s house was completed in time for the Stroms to move in on June 8, just before the summer season of ministry.  A dedication and prayer-service over the home was conducted during a summer family camp (pictured below). Courtney Strom, wife of executive director Erik Strom, offers this about the Stroms’ transition to the new home:

“It has been such a gift to be in this home, and have a space to ourselves – a place that allows us to rest and be a family, to welcome guests, and to minister to the summer and year-round staff.  My favorite moments this summer were when we hosted two breakfasts for the staff, and all the times our high school work and kitchen crews came over to hang out and reflect on their time serving here.  We all enjoy when people stop by to get a tour of the home, but maybe especially our youngest son, Emmett!  He loves to show off his room and entertain our guests, so stop over for a tour! Thank you for your support of the wonderful ministry of Covenant Point through this special effort.”

At this point, $97,000 remains toward meeting our $600,000 goal, and every dollar given at this point will go directly to the endowment of the internship program, with the end goal of sustainably supporting two year-round interns to serve, learn, and lead our ministry in new and exciting ways.  If you have not yet given to the campaign, please consider pledging or giving a one-time gift to invest in the lives of young leaders and our ministry for years to come!


New Gator Seats, Reciprocating Saw, and Two Boating Tubes Donated!

Our ministry is, once again, greatly benefiting from generous gifts received through our donations page! A huge thank you to the generous supporters who gave two new seats for our John Deere Gator (utility vehicle), a Milwaukee Sawzall, and two O’Brien Super Screamer Boating Tubes. We continue to be overwhelmed by the wonderful support of our extended CPBC community.










Chainsaw and Trips Equipment Donated

Here are pictures of the new Husqvarna Chainsaw, Duluth Pack Liners, NRS Dry Bags, and Coleman Exteme Coolers!

Pure Michigan & Climbing Holds Donated

The past week has been beautiful “Pure Michigan” weather.  School groups have been coming in and out, Purdue is hard at work with their Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries classes, and more summer staff arrive by the day.   All around, in the blooming flowers, the song-birds singing, and the world around growing greener, spring is coming out and you can almost hear Tim Allen’s narration “Come on up to ‘Pure Michigan'” . . . we couldn’t agree more.

Don’t believe me?  Just look at the beautiful colors in the sunset this past Monday . . .

Over the past five months since our new website launched, we have received 8 donations from our Donation Wish List totaling over $800 from supporters!  AMAZING!  We received our latest donation – new climbing holds for our climbing wall in Cedar Lodge!  Trevor Mayo, one of our interns, (pictured below) posted a request on our wish list, and a Covenant Point supporter emailed us last week to let us know that he had found a good deal on holds and that they were in the mail!  The package arrived (with twice the amount of holds we’d asked for!) and we couldn’t wait to get them up on the wall.  The new holds will be helpful in giving climbers a little more variety in the challenge of climbing our indoor rock wall.

Summer registrations continue to roll in with gusto!  There are openings for boys on a few weeks of the Island, beds to be filled in Senior High Week, and a few more packs to be filled on various trips throughout the summer.  Get your registration in soon or you might miss out During the summer, we will be posting daily pictures on the news feed, and updating our Facebook with what’s happening at camp.  “Like” us on Facebook to have these updates come into your daily news feed, along with other updates on what we are up to in the Northwoods.

Spring is Springing & Outdoor Ed Groups are Coming

We have been taking advantage of Spring’s early arrival this year.  With the ground fully thawed, trees in bloom, and the grass growing greener by the day, we’re eager to share our lake and surrounding forest with Purdue University, whose forestry, fisheries, and wildlife students arrive this Saturday for five weeks of field education. We’re also excited to be welcoming a number of area school groups who will be coming to learn about nature through Rockin’ Robins, a part of our Agents of the Earth outdoor education program.

Below is a picture from the Foster City Covenant Church confirmation class that came for low and high ropes team-building activities last weekend.

“The confirmands totally loved Saturday at CP. All of them were tired, and I’ve heard back that one of the girls who is not going to camp this year already told one of her cousins that BOTH of them [will be] going next year. . . Thank you to the staff [Trevor, Kevin, and Paul especially] for a great experience. We hope that they can continue to make gains in their faith for a long time to come from this.” – Pastor Carl Hammer

Look closely at the photo of the new directors home below.  Do you notice something strange? Right now, flooring/carpet is in, shelves are up, and cabinets should be installed by the end of the week.  The Chuck Frasier Memorial Campaign is nearly 75% of the way to its $600,000 goal! Check out the website link to learn more about the goals of the campaign and how you can join this special effort.

Lastly, we had our latest donation from our Wish List Page to purchase extra backpacking medical kits for our growing trips program!  A long time Friend of Covenant Point got excited about donating the funds to purchase these new medical kits, and we are very thankful for God’s provision, and the partnership that we have with so many friends in ministry.  The medical kits will serve us well in keeping campers safe while out on our summer wilderness trips!

Purdue Office Renovation, and Wish List Fulfillments

Despite the light dusting of snow we received two days ago, spring is in the air at camp, and summer camp is right around the corner!  We recently received a new Jetboil camp stove, yet another need fulfilled from our Wish List page.  Check out the various needs that our staff have compiled and please give as you are led; it brings us great joy to see gifts arrive in the mail as you can tell by our excited staff members!

Preparations for summer camp are underway, and over 70 Forestry, Wildlife, and Fishery students from Purdue University will be arriving in just over two weeks for their 5 week  practical course.  This year we have been hard at work preparing a brand new office space in the basement of our infirmary, complete with new wireless internet access, and private office space for the Teachers Aides and Professors to do grading, and tutoring.  Mike Johnson from Grace Covenant Church in Iron River volunteered many hours in helping us with this project.  We are very grateful for his help and expertise!

Hardwood flooring has been laid on the first floor of the new directors home, doors have been hung, and appliances have been ordered.  The home is being built as one part of our current Next Step of Faith Campaign, which seeks to endow our internship program with $300,000, and raise another $300,000 to build an onsite directors home to continue the legacy and commitment to long term leadership of former director Chuck Frasier, who passed away suddenly in November of 2010.  Learn more about the campaign, and get involved today.

The Earth Ball Lives!

Our earth ball was in sad shape three weeks ago . . . but not any more!  Time-worn and well-used, the earth ball has been a valuable asset to the Mainland for many years, but the time finally came for a new inflatable bladder.  We posted about this need on our “program wish list” page, a place where we post needs for our program, operations, and information about scholarship donations. Within a few weeks, a friend of covenant point donated the $160 to purchase the new bladder and today we blew it up for the first time and had a celebration!

This donation is a beautiful example of the many ways that we are indelibly linked to those who support us through praying for the ministry, telling families and students about camp, or donating funds for projects.   There are many ways to get involved.  We are currently 75% of the way to completing the Next Step of Faith Campaign, and there are resources around our site to learn more about our Wishlist, or how to Become a “Friend of Covenant Point” 

Thanks for your support!

Our Latest Blessings | Gifts & Donations

First, an updated Campaign total: $428,293

Click Here to Learn More About Our Next Step of Faith

In the past few months we have been very blessed with gifts from various organizations and individuals.  In total we received:  filing cabinets, a flying scot sailboat, a new soundboard, and 10 cords of wood for heating.  All were blessings and answers to prayer that came just at the right time and we extend love and gratefulness to all those involved in the donations of these excellent gifts that will better equip us to do the work of the Kingdom.

The Stories:  God’s timing is amazing.  We were anticipating purchasing a new sound board in the near future, and then we received word from a friend of camp that there was a nearly brand new sound board waiting for us in an office.  After our office renovation this fall, we were looking to purchase new filing cabinets to better organize our office space, and about three weeks ago another friend called to tell us that filing cabinets were on their way.   Sailing has had a resurgence among our summer programs in the past few years, so it was exciting news when we heard from a former staff member that there was a sail boat(big enough to hold a full cabin group!) in his drive way that had been donated by a seller on craigslist who decided to give it away instead of making a profit.  Lastly, we were ecstatic to learn that a significant amount of seasoned wood(enough for at least 1 full winter!)  had been donated to help us get ahead on our heating costs.

All these gifts were generous displays of people who gave in faith and in support of the ministry of Covenant Point.  Thanks to all who gave.  If you are interested in learning more about ways to give, consider becoming a Friend of Covenant Point, or visit our Gift & Projects Page or email us with things you are interested in donating.

Our Next Step of Faith Update

$425,893 – Updated Campaign Total

We are incredibly excited by the new number of donations.  What a blessing to see the support of Our Next Step of Faith!  We’ve now passed the two-thirds mark for total pledges, and looking ahead to the finish line.  If you haven’t joined the Covenant Point community in this campaign, learn more by clicking here.

Here are few pictures from the building site. Today, our builders put up the trusses for the garage with the welcome help of a crew of volunteers from our Christmas Family Camp!

Snow Shoveling at the Building Site

The whole full time staff had to head over to the building site today to shovel because we got 8 inches of snow last night!  Below are also some pictures of the site currently.