Goodman Armstrong Creek, May 9th Adventure

GAC 5th and 6th graders experienced an active day in the Back 40. From big group initiatives, to GPS and compass, to nature print making and finally the high ropes excitement, it was a learning and challenging time for the students and their teacher, Mr. Lutze, as well as Mrs. M who returned for the fun. Thanks to all for a fine day outside the classroom.



BE: Summer 2013

Thank you for looking into summer camp at Covenant Point!

For over 86 years, campers of all ages have been encouraged in their next step of faith through an experience at Covenant Point. In a world that is often plugged-in, we seek to foster environments where campers can fully BE: present with God, with one another and our staff of Christ-centered young adults, and with the surrounding natural creation.

Located on beautiful Hagerman Lake in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, our accredited program and facility is fully integrated into the surrounding northwoods environment. We offer a rare experience of Christian camping that incorporates simplicity and wilderness, along with comfortable lodging or trail accommodations, purposeful and fun activities, homemade meals, and a small, safe, and nurturing community in which to know and be known.

Our carefully-chosen staff is equipped with two weeks of training in child development, safety, programming, spiritual formation, as well as policies and procedures to handle the current needs of young people. They’re here to serve as caring role models, to bring passion and fun to each day of camp, and to make Christ real to our campers through personal and trustworthy attention.I encourage you to explore our website, give us a call, or send an email to to request a brochure  and see all that Covenant Point has to offer.

Come join us and BE renewed, adventurous, present, challenged, still, and much more at Covenant Point this summer!

Rev. Erik Strom
Executive Director

Columbus Day Junior High Retreat

October 8-10, 2011

With autumn sunshine, 70 degree temperatures and 95+ people attending, there was no lack of energy or activity for this retreat. The photos below show the variety of happenings.  Singing and chapel times doted the weekend fun. Mike Stelle, from Harbor Covenant Church in Gig Harbor, WA, was speaker. His talks focused on Abundant Life and the importance of jumping into what God wants us to do.  Many adult and summer staff volunteers added to the mix of interaction and fun. A pontoon boat trip was taken to the Island to do the mountain dew swing, and the Back 40 for the zip line and low elements

Trailblazer Retreat

October 15-16, 2011

It’s amazing how much can happen in 24 hours.  Just ask any of the children and adults who attended this Trailblazer Retreat.  From start to finish there was plenty of action and energy, singing and talks, outdoor time, and games, goofing around and being together in a healthy environment. Don’t forget the good food as well!! A  special thanks to Dustin Johnson and his lively yet Bible centered talks, Johanna for the unique programming, and many volunteers from far and wide who added to it all.  Enjoy the photos below of all the fun and excitement.