Pure Michigan & Climbing Holds Donated

The past week has been beautiful “Pure Michigan” weather.  School groups have been coming in and out, Purdue is hard at work with their Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries classes, and more summer staff arrive by the day.   All around, in the blooming flowers, the song-birds singing, and the world around growing greener, spring is coming out and you can almost hear Tim Allen’s narration “Come on up to ‘Pure Michigan'” . . . we couldn’t agree more.

Don’t believe me?  Just look at the beautiful colors in the sunset this past Monday . . .

Over the past five months since our new website launched, we have received 8 donations from our Donation Wish List totaling over $800 from supporters!  AMAZING!  We received our latest donation – new climbing holds for our climbing wall in Cedar Lodge!  Trevor Mayo, one of our interns, (pictured below) posted a request on our wish list, and a Covenant Point supporter emailed us last week to let us know that he had found a good deal on holds and that they were in the mail!  The package arrived (with twice the amount of holds we’d asked for!) and we couldn’t wait to get them up on the wall.  The new holds will be helpful in giving climbers a little more variety in the challenge of climbing our indoor rock wall.

Summer registrations continue to roll in with gusto!  There are openings for boys on a few weeks of the Island, beds to be filled in Senior High Week, and a few more packs to be filled on various trips throughout the summer.  Get your registration in soon or you might miss out During the summer, we will be posting daily pictures on the news feed, and updating our Facebook with what’s happening at camp.  “Like” us on Facebook to have these updates come into your daily news feed, along with other updates on what we are up to in the Northwoods.

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