June 19, 2015 – Wilderness Week Finishing Off Strong

After a great long week of experiencing God in His creation Wilderness Week is going out with a bang!


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June 16, 2015 – Wilderness Weekers in Nature Rotations

Wilderness 4/5/6

The past two days have been filled with trips to the bog, rock climbing and lots of God.

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June 15, 2015 – Camp has begun!

Mainland Wilderness 4/5/6 is off to a great start!

Porcupine Mountains 7/8/9 Backpack trippers have the trail!



We’ll be posting mainland photos on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
The entire photo slideshow of each camp will be posted on Saturday!

June 13, 2015 – Staff Training

With our two week staff training finished, CPBC’s summer staff is trained and ready for campers. Bring on the summer!

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Ropes Course with Eagle River 5th Grade – May 21, 2105

Thursday, May 21, 2015, we were joined by 56 5th grade students from Eagle River Elementary School for a day on our ropes course and low elements. It was a great day spent outside!

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Rockin’ Robins #3 – May 15, 2015

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It was the last meeting of Rockin for this year and what a full adventure it was for all. The big project was constructing a bug box. Not only did the sound of hammering fill the air, but the look of deep concentration on the faces of the little buddies was intense. Of course, the next event was looking for bugs. Dissecting of owl pellets was also an interactive time and many bones, skulls, feathers, and such were identified. Steve Creech, from Purdue University, gave a great demonstration of how owl pellets are formed and then regurgitated. His imitation of an owl call was also very amazing.  Dustin showed his turtle and discussed the development of the salamander eggs and Linnea Johnson read two stories which were enjoyed by all. Twenty-five little buddies and twenty-five big buddies were in attendance. What a great way to end. A special thanks goes to each big buddy, CPBC staff, and John Menucci for his wonderful work in preparing all the bug box pieces for easy construction.

We look forward to seeing the kindergartners again next May, and many of the 1st graders for our 2-day intro camp this summer (!

Rockin’ Robins #2 – May 8, 2015

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The second Rockin Robins time was filled to the brim with activity and discovery. After a snack of soft pretzels and milk, a bird wheel was made, binoculars were passed out, with big and little buddies going into the woods in search of birds. The project  was making a bird feeder with seeds out of toilet paper rolls and a yarn nest pine cone display so birds could gather materials for their spring nests. Both were taken home to adorn trees and carefully watched for bird activity. A story read by Erik Strom and a brief play time concluded the time. Dustin was able to gather salamander eggs which can be seen in the aquarium in the nature building.

May 10, 2015: Purdue University’s Forestry and Natural Resources Department begins their 24th year of Summer Practicum at CPBC

Purdue University’s Forestry and Natural Resources Department began their 24th year of their summer practicum experience at Covenant Point today. We look forward to hosting them for the next five weeks. What a beautiful time of year to be in the woods! Welcome faculty and students!

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Men’s Retreat: 3/1/15

Or final winter retreat of the season was last weekend with the Men’s Retreat. With 114 men, we enjoyed good food, fellowship, and worship together. Saturday’s activities included a music jam session, broomball tournament (congratulations Ravenswood Covenant Church for winning the trophy this year!), cross country skiing, snowshoeing, trap shoot, foosball, ping-pong, and air hockey tournaments, card games and plenty of relaxing in the Dining Hall. The chapel messages were delivered by speaker Michael Vrooman on the topic of conversation with God. Thanks to all who participated! See you next year!

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One Life Retreat #3 – 2/22/15

Our third and final One Life Retreat of the season wraps up tonight for some and tomorrow morning for others. Youth groups came from Illinois, Wisconsin, and the UP to ski, play broomball, sauna and polar bear dip, tube, snowshoe, dance, eat good food, worship together, and hear the chapel messages delivered from Chicago youth worker Teal Short. This year’s chapel theme has been “Hello My Name is __________,” and has focused on Biblical stories of God renaming his people.

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New Snowplow + Truck

Through the efforts of some U.P. churches, and individuals, camp has gotten a Ford F-350 truck, and a Boss V-plow. This is such a wonderful fulfillment of a need at camp, our main plowing vehicle is camp’s John Deere tractor, which requires whoever is using it to sit out in the elements for a long stretch of time, . With the new truck, whoever snowplows now has a heated cab, and a hydraulic snow plow that can go to any angle at the push of a button. This new plow is also wider and taller, which allows you to push more snow at once and take more out of a bank with a single pass, all of this to say that plowing is much faster now. We at camp are so thankful for those who helped get this donation fulfilled.

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2015 MLK One Life Retreat

What a fun weekend this first One Life was! Churches from all across Chicagoland, and the U.P. came to be here. We played a big game of brave heart, went tubing at caspian ski hill, and skied at Ski Brule. Our sessions  were led by a great worship team and Tim Ciccone, who was our speaker for the weekend. Thanks to all who helped make this weekend great!

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Family Camp 4

This week we had our second annual family camp dedicated to families with children on the autism spectrum. Throughout this week we served 6 families and had so much fun playing big games, climbing the Track n’ Trail, taking a trip to the Island and spending time together. See you next year!

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Wind River Range: Westward Trip, July 20 – August 2

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Week 8: Island, August 3-9

The 6th and final week on the Island is off to a wonderful start. Campers engaged in the ropes courses, low elements, and quiet time.

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Family Camp 3, July 27 – August 2

We welcomed 11 families for our third week of family camp this summer! Our speakers this week were Phil Staurseth, the Senior Pastor at Ravenswood Covenant, and Trevor Nicholas who together incorporated very funny skits and engaging stories to help us learn more about what it means to be in community and live more like Jesus! We had a wonderful week of excursions, Braveheart & Narnia, a trip to the Island, sleepovers in Yurts and even some time sharing families talents in our Open Mic night!

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Week 7: Island Camp, July 27 – August 2

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Westward Backpackers are back!

The westward backpack trip campers have returned from Wyoming’s Wind River Range. Great times were had by all, God’s creation was seen, and more photos are to come next week!




Week 5: Wilderness Week 2, July 13-19

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Week 5: Explorers & Pathfinders, July 13-19

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Family Camp 2, July 20-26

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Week 6: Island, July 20-26

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Pictured Rocks Backpacking Trip: July 6–12, 2014

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Week 4: Island July 6-12

The Islanders spent an amazing week in the rustic beauty of camp. They hiked to Ottawa Lake, did high ropes, and had fun on the Mountain Dew Swing. The week was great for spending time in community with each other and God.

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