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June 29th, 2015 – 6/7/8 Flambaeu River Trippers are Trained and in the Van!

Our Flambaeu River Canoe trippers have packed up, learned their paddling techniques and are on the road!


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June 24th, 2015 – Trippers and Island!

Our Adventures In Leadership trippers have been on trail for a day now!


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Our first Island camp of the year is in full swing and we couldnt be happier.


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June 22, 2015 – Trippers!

Trippers are are here for Adventures In Leadership trip and leaving Tuesday.


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Ropes Course with Eagle River 5th Grade – May 21, 2105

Thursday, May 21, 2015, we were joined by 56 5th grade students from Eagle River Elementary School for a day on our ropes course and low elements. It was a great day spent outside!

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May 13, 2015 – New Tents for Our Backpack and Canoe Trips

Thanks to generous donations, our backpack and canoe trip campers will have new tents to sleep in this summer (and some new backpacks)!

For other ideas of things camp could use, see www.cpbc.com/wishlist.

Find out more about our trips at www.cpbc.com/trips.
There is limited space left!


May 4th, 2015: Goodman – Armstrong Creek 5th and 6th Grade

5th and 6th grades from Goodman – Armstrong Creek school district joined us at camp for a day of teambuilding activities, outdoor fun, and high ropes. It was a great day!

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Hagerman Lake Fish Habitat Project – 2/21/15

Today ten “fish cribs” were built on Hagerman Lake to provide habitat to fish once the ice melts and the structures sink. The project had helpers from The US Forest Service, MI DNR, Iron County Wildlife Unlimited, Covenant Point, and the local community. The project was headed up by the US Forest Service and MI DNR. Thanks to all who were there!

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Wind River Range: Westward Trip, July 20 – August 2

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Venture Out, Aug. 4 – 7, Pictured Rocks National Shoreline

It was an intrepid group of women, 11 and 1/2 in all, who took to the trails and waters of Lake Superior for this summer’s adventure.  The group gelled together and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. It was awesome to have times of laughter and stories but also moments of deep discussion and sharing about faith issues. Devotions were led by Megan (our mother to be) as well as any member who wanted to tell what God was doing in her life. Each person dedicated this trip to people in their lives who needed prayer.  New to this year was a kayaking experience along the sandstone cliffs of Pictured Rocks. Using tandem kayaks,  fortunately the day was calm and waves were minimal. Paddling through rock arches and along magnificent cliffs was a unique activity for all. A total of 12 miles was hiked and one thrilling sunset over Superior was witnessed.  Thanks to all who came. It was quite the trip!

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Westward Backpackers are back!

The westward backpack trip campers have returned from Wyoming’s Wind River Range. Great times were had by all, God’s creation was seen, and more photos are to come next week!




Pictured Rocks Backpacking Trip: July 6–12, 2014

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Westward Backpackers Hit the Road!


Two weeks of challenging and exciting traveling, sharing faith journeys and exploring God’s vast creation together begins today for our Westward Backpack Trip. For the next two days the 10th through 12th grade trippers will be on the road with our guides traveling across the great plains to the mountains and camping along the way. Then 7 days will be spent backpacking the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. Three days on the road will get them back to Covenant Point, with camping stops at natural landmarks along the way. More photos to come after the trip!

Porcupine Mountains Backpacking Trip July 13-19, 2014

We hiked through the Porcupine Mountains for a week with 8 campers. We enjoyed eating lunch next to waterfalls and swimming in lake Superior. Another highlight was skipping rocks on the lake and watching the sunset. We had great weather and a fun time on trail together.

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Flambeau River Canoe Trip June 29- July 5, 2014

We spent the week floating down the Flambeau River in Wisconsin. The best parts of our week were swimming down the river next to our canoes, eating lunch on the river with each other as we floated down the river, and eating delicious meals and hanging out around campfires every night. We saw God in the river, in the rain, and in each other.

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Adventures In Leadership 2014

June 22 – June 29

14 Central Conference high school students, 5 Central Conference youth workers, and CPBC staff joined together for the week long Adventures in Leadership. One full day was spent at camp with leadership training, group initiatives, personality profiles, trip preparation, and times of worship. The next three days the group was split into two, and headed out backpacking the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore where each student led their group for a half day, helping prepare meals, make group decisions and lead a devotional “first or last word.” The trip wrapped up with a sea kayaking adventure on Lake Superior before returning to camp.

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Men’s Trout Fishing Trip, July 7-10

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”
– Henry David Thoreau

A group of adventurous men joined Covenant Point staff to retreat from everyday life, and spend time on the Bois Brule River fishing for trout. The three days were spent in community as well as some solitude and silence in the unspoiled realms of Northern Wisconsin’s Brule River State Forest. The theme of the message was “awakening” to God in your life. Highlights of the trip were sharing good meals around a campfire, visiting a trout hatchery, spending days on the river, from the headwaters to Lake Superior, slowing down from the pace of everyday life, and even catching some trout.

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