Summer 2012 Pictures

2012 Beartooth Mountains Trip

2012 Island Week Eight

2012 Triathlon

2012 Family Camp Three

2012 Island Week Seven

2012 Family Camp Two

2012 Backpack + Canoe Trip

2012 Venture Out Trip

Eight women ventured out for 17miles, backpacking the Lake Superior
Trail of the Porcupine State Park in the Upper Peninsula. Though
challenging, the whole adventure was great!!. The group gelled well
and enjoyed each others company especially sharing times around the
camp fire. The sunsets were terrific, Lake Superior cool and
refreshing, and few mosquitoes and no biting flies. A bear was seen
running away from the group-a good way to see one. Lots of laughter
was generated by hanging food on the bear pole but the technique was
perfected and a feeling of accomplishment achieved.  Hats off to
Rebecca Bitting, Kristine Brandel-Tanis, Lynn Mecher, and Courtney
Strom for their first time Venture Out success, and to Julie Bladel,
Linda Johnson, and Sarah Snow for their knowledgable contribution to
the whole experience. Though it has been said before, this saying
applies once again: A GREAT time was had by all.

2012 Pictured Rocks Trip

2012 Mainland Week Five

2012 Island Week Five

2012 Island Week Four

2012 Junior High Week

2012 Senior High Week

2012 Island Week Two

2012 Flambeau River Canoe Trip

2012 Family Camp One

2012 Wilderness Week

2012 Mainland Week One

2012 Island Week One