Covenant Point and Autism Awareness Day

The sixth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2013. Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events.

At Covenant Point we want to celebrate by announcing our very first ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Family Camp Week  a Covenant Point family camp week designed to build community and support among families who have children with autism.

The week will take place August 6-10, 2013, and will cost only $150 per family. The remaining funding is raised through our Annual Triathlon Fundraiser, which brings in annual funds to enable ministry to campers with special needs.


Help us spread the word about this exciting new opportunity! Click Here for More Details on A.S.D. Family Camp

2013 Men’s Retreat

This year’s Men’s Retreat was, once again, a beautiful time for men from all over the U.P, Wisconsin and Illinois to come and fellowship, worship, and grow in their faith.  Pastor Eric Sparrman shared messages (download his talks below) on “Questions that Jesus asked us”  encouraging the men to think about their faith from the perspective of Jesus’s questions to his close followers in the New Testament.

Eric Sparrman Talk #1 “What do you want?” 

Eric Sparrman Talk #2 

Eric Sparrman Talk #3 “Who do you say I am?” 

The men (plus Caleb Strom!)  from Ravenswood Covenant won the Broomball tournament in overtime vs. Iron Mountain Covenant.  The skeet shoot was a fun time as always (including an automatic skeet thrower!), frostbite golf was in full “swing”, the polar bear dip was chilly and refreshing, but most importantly over 120 men drew closer to Jesus in small group conversation, reflection, and were encouraged in their faith.  Enjoy the pictures and sermon’s.  See you next year!  

New Wishlist Donations!

We continue to be overwhelmed and excited by the generosity of people giving through our Wishlist Donation page.  In the last month we have received gifts of: a bench grinder, chain puller, extension cords, many kitchen goodies(food processor, a NICE knife, spatulas, etc), new archery equipment(Bows, and armguards), and a CHICKEN SUIT (something that will come in very handy in skits this summer)!

Thanks to all who gave.  Stay updated on our lastest dreams and wishes at the Donation Wishlist. We are always thinking and dreaming of new things that could be useful/updated in the ministry of camp and it is through the donation of things small and large through the wishlist that we are able to expand our effectiveness in hosting, caring, and programming for people to come and experience new life in Christ and be encouraged in their next step of faith.  

Enjoy the photos! 

One Life Retreats 2013

We just finished our two busiest retreats of the winter!  With over 37o people coming through camp through both weekends, it was an energetic and exciting time to connect with students, leaders and God in the beauty of the Upper Peninsula’s winter wonderland.  God moved in significant ways in the lives of students and leaders alike.  Check out the pictures to see the exciting things we did throughout the weekend.  We are already looking forward to next year!

If you attended One Life and are eager for more opportunities to connect with God at CPBC, think about going on a Wilderness Trip or coming to Senior High Week. Both are amazing opportunities to connect with others and God.

The prayer room(pictures in the slideshow) was an excellent experience for students to connect with God and each other in a beautiful, contemplative space.  More resources on the spiritual disciplines that the prayer room was based can be found at: http://www.covchurch.org/resources/breathe-material/

Wish List Donations!

Kevin Johnson (pictured below) is obviously very excited about the latest donation from our Donation Wishlist. a roofing nailer that was generously donated by someone who got excited about helping us with the many roofing projects that we have on the horizon.  This donation will definitely make those projects ALOT easier and faster.  Over the past months we have also received funds for new: recurve archery bows, archery safety equipment, music stands, and meat thermometers.  Thank you to all who donated!

The Donation Wishlist is a place where our staff members dream about things that we could use around camp to help make camp fun, beautiful and continually effective in showing people Jesus.  Thanks for your exciting responses over the past year as we have received over $3500 in donations from the wishlist alone!

The wishlist is a dream of our things that we would like for camp, but if you have a dream of a donation we would love to hear about your dream of how to keep our ministry vital and able to best services the campers, families and churches that we partner in ministry with.



Meet The New Covenant Point Babies!

The are several new additions to the Covenant Point family, and we are blessed to share pictures of the little ones who hopefully will one day grow up to be campers, and staff at the Point.

Drezen Tallas Frasier was born Jan 10th to Lindsey (Detterbeck) and Nathan Frasier in Castle Rock, CO. He is welcomed by big brothers, Trajan (5) and Tareq (2) and very proud Grandma Jane Frasier.


Miles Deering Fish, was born to Katy and Kyle on Dec. 11, 2012.  This is the first grandchild of Bill and Lynn Fish who have been living at camp for over 20 years!   Bill and Lynn are very excited for trips out to Utah to visit little Miles.   Kyle and Katy are obviously very excited about the new addition to their family.

Ski Trails Groomed 2/4/2013

Ski trails were groomed this week and conditions are great.  Come on out to enjoy the Ge-Chi Ski trail.  But remember that the eastern half of the trail is closed due to logging in the area.

Christmas Camp 2012/13

This years Christmas Camp was awesome, as usual, filled with broomball tournaments, abominable snowmen, lots of reading around the fireplace, and good conversation.

Our associate director, Bill Fish, was our speaker for this week and he spoke on the topic of “emmanuel, God with us” focusing on the many ways in which God, through Christ, came and remains in this world.  Some of these ways include through His word, the Bible, community (friends, family and the body of Christ), and communion with one another.   A highlight of Christmas Camp is always the familiar and new faces that we get to meet and be with throughout the peaceful, yet exciting week.

Special congratulations go to “Serenity Now!” the Wieloch led broomball champions who secured their fame as second-time broomball champions.

Summer Family camp registration has begun, we strive at camp to create restful, rejuvenating weeks for families and friends to come and experience all the beauty that exists in God’s creation.  If you joined us this Christmas Camp, we would love to see you in the summer, and if you come to family camp in the summer we would love to see you next year at Christmas Camp!


Men’s Winter Expedition Ski & Snowshoe Trip

2015 Dates coming soon!

Download Registration Form Here

Covenant Point Bible Camp is offering a men’s snowshoe and cross country ski backpacking trip in the Porcupine Mountains.

Meals, transportation, and a rustic cabin will be provided. Snowshoe, ski, and backpack rental are included. After being outfitted with necessary gear, we will travel by van to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. The remote cabin is a somewhat rigorous four mile ski/snowshoe from the trail head. Saturday will be spent exploring, enjoying God’s creation, having quiet time, fun, and fellowship over meals and conversation in the great outdoors or a rustic cabin setting. On Sunday the group will ski back to the van, and travel back to Covenant Point by 4:00 PM. Bring: Bible, lightweight sleeping bag, a bed sheet, pillow, plenty of warm layers, hiking boots, gloves, hat, small flashlight, toiletries, personal items, clothing, book or group game for entertainment.

2015 Cost coming soon!
Only six spaces are available.
For questions or to register, contact Dustin Johnson at Covenant Point Bible Camp (906) 265-2117, or dustin@cpbc.com

 Download Registration Form Here

Photos from last year’s trip:

[fsg_gallery id=”24″]

CPBC Staff & Alumni Winter Expedition Snowshoe Trip

Monday, January 6 (9:00 am) – Wednesday, January 8 (4:00 pm), 2014


Experience fellowship and God’s creation with the Covenant Point staff & alumni snowshoe backpacking trip in the Porcupine Mountains.  Meals, transportation, and a rustic cabin will be provided. Snowshoe and backpack rental are included. After being outfitted with necessary gear, we will travel by van to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. The remote cabin is a somewhat rigorous four mile ski/snowshoe from the trail head. The first morning we wake in the wilderness will be spent exploring, enjoying God’s creation, having quiet time, fun, and fellowship over meals and conversation in the great outdoors or a rustic cabin setting. The next day the group will snowshoe/ski back to the van, and travel back to Covenant Point by 4:00 PM.

Download Registration Form

Photos from last year’s trip:

[fsg_gallery id=”98″]




Yurt Construction is Finished!

Here is a video of our recent construction of our back forty Yurts.  We are still working on fully winterizing them with wood stoves, and building bunk beds to accomodate guests, and this construction marks an exciting step forward in our Wilderness Ministry.

The yurts will resource our trips program by providing new housing for briefing and debriefing with groups before and after a trip. Having additional space like this will allow us to: 1) serve new groups in a set-apart area while other housing at camp is full (ie, while Purdue University is here), 2) run simultaneous trips during the summer, whereas in the past we’ve run one trip at a time, and 3) provide a new experience of camp for interested groups – like family campers, scouts, youth groups, etc. To learn more about what a Yurt is, visit www.yurts.com

We have many opportunities to get out into God’s Creation through our Trips program.  Learn more about Trips here. 

Yurt Building Timelapse from covenant point bible camp on Vimeo.

Chuck Frasier Memorial Campaign Exceeds $500,000 In Pledges

Overjoyed by the excitement and generosity of giving to the Our Next Step of Faith campaign, we are pleased to announce that in conjunction with the first annual Chicago 5K & Half Marathon, and the faithful giving of over 300 donors, we have now exceeded the $500,000 mark for pledges toward our $600,000 goal!  The funds raised thus far have fully paid for and completed construction of the new directors home, re-established connection with many members of the Covenant Point community, established the (growing) Chuck Frasier Memorial Internship Endowment Fund, and welcomed our first official Chuck Frasier Memorial Intern, Kim Steiner.

The director’s house was completed in time for the Stroms to move in on June 8, just before the summer season of ministry.  A dedication and prayer-service over the home was conducted during a summer family camp (pictured below). Courtney Strom, wife of executive director Erik Strom, offers this about the Stroms’ transition to the new home:

“It has been such a gift to be in this home, and have a space to ourselves – a place that allows us to rest and be a family, to welcome guests, and to minister to the summer and year-round staff.  My favorite moments this summer were when we hosted two breakfasts for the staff, and all the times our high school work and kitchen crews came over to hang out and reflect on their time serving here.  We all enjoy when people stop by to get a tour of the home, but maybe especially our youngest son, Emmett!  He loves to show off his room and entertain our guests, so stop over for a tour! Thank you for your support of the wonderful ministry of Covenant Point through this special effort.”

At this point, $97,000 remains toward meeting our $600,000 goal, and every dollar given at this point will go directly to the endowment of the internship program, with the end goal of sustainably supporting two year-round interns to serve, learn, and lead our ministry in new and exciting ways.  If you have not yet given to the campaign, please consider pledging or giving a one-time gift to invest in the lives of young leaders and our ministry for years to come!


Forest Park 3rd Graders Visit for Outdoor Education

Third Grade Forest Park students, teachers, and adult volunteers came for a day of active learning and outdoor activity related to the Earth Science curriculum. The four groups rotated to the following lessons: renewable and non-renewable resources, rock formation, characteristics of earth materials and the effects of erosion, and human impact on the environment. The four R’s were also highlighted through activities, big group games, and song. These are recycle, reduce, renew, and reuse. A special thank you to Point staff, parents, and teachers, Lisa Santi and Kim Payne, for helping make this experience a full day of learning and fun for the students.

2012 Trailblazer Overnight

The 2012 Trailblazer Overnight was yet another whirlwind of camp experiences, fun worship, and good conversations.  Johanna Sparrman–a second year intern–was the speaker this weekend and spoke to the children about the importance of “Faith, Hope, and Love” and the overflowing life that God offers us through Jesus.   This retreat always seems to go by too fast, but we packed lots of fun activities into the 24 hours that the children were here.  Highlights of the weekend include: Diamond Smugglers game, Hysteria team competition in the Tab, exciting worship, Johanna’s messages, climbing wall, sauna, roller skating in the tab, and pumpkin carving.

Our fall retreats are almost over now, with Pastors from the Central Conference coming in today, and a community big brother/big sister program coming in this weekend.  Join us for Christmas Camp, or any of our other retreats coming up.  If you missed the retreat this year, make sure if your 4/5/6 grader gets to come next year!  Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Junior High Fall Retreat

This past weekend junior high youth groups from the Chicagoland area came up to camp for the long weekend and had a great time relaxing, playing games, worshipping and growing together as fellow Christians.  Covenant churches in attendance included Hinsdale, Batavia, Rockford(Bethesda), Winnetka, Deer Grove.  We also had the privilege of beginning a relationship with Park Ridge Community Church, the church where former summer staffer Lauren Malecki is now serving as Associate Pastor.

The messages of the weekend were given by Covenant Point year-round staff and focus on “Relationships: In Christ”, talking about four types of relationships that we have “In Christ”.  Through focusing on our relationship to: God, parents, creation, and others we were able to challenge students in a number of different ways to be living in Christ in every relationship within their lives.  Program highlights of the weekend included: Track N’ Trail high ropes, Floor Hockey in the tab, “Sasquatch” game on the Island, Sauna and dips in the lake, nightgame, and a large back 40 bonfire.  Now we are gearing up for the trailblazer overnight this coming weekend where intern Johanna Sparrman will be speaking to 4/5/6 graders about “Faith, Hope, and Love”

Batavia Men Volunteer to Build Yurt Platform

Fall is in full bloom, and we are looking forward to over 120 women coming this weekend for the Covenant Womens Retreat to hear Kris Causton share God’s word, and worship together.

This past weekend, we were blessed to have 11 men from Batavia come and stay at camp.  While they were here they spent time in devotion with eachother learning more about what it means to be a leader in their church, and building platforms for the yurts that we are building in the Back Forty as part of the expansion of our trips program.  We are purchasing our yurts from the pacific yurt company in order to have more year-round capacity to house groups that we are outfitting for wilderness experiences in the beautiful creation that surrounds us here in the Upper Peninsula. As you can see from the pictures, the yurts will be tucked nicely into the woods surrounding the Back Forty field.  

Many thanks to the men who made this possible.  More pictures to come once the yurts arrive.

Triathlon and Campaign 5K/Half Marathon Were Successes!

Athletic fund raising is in the air at Covenant Point with two exciting events in the past two months: our 13th annual triathlon fundraiser, and our first -ever partnership with the Chicago Half Marathon/5K. Together, they have raised over $15,000 to benefit the mission and ministry of Covenant Point!

On Sunday, September 9, 2012 we held our first fundraising effort in conjunction with the Chicago Half Marathon/5K.  The runners woke up early and headed down to the start line and tent area at Chicago’s Jackson Park to get ready for the event.  The day was an exciting reunion of staff, families, and campers as we raced to raise funds for the final stretch of the Chuck Frasier Memorial Campaign.  The funds raised have built an onsite director’s home, and are building an endowment that invests in young leaders through our internship program. We were able to get a tent from the race in the main race area, which was nice to have a place to relax and catch up pre-race, as well as post-race.    We had about 38 people race in total–10 running the half-marathon– and funds are still rolling in for the remaining 18% of the Chuck Frasier Memorial Campaign.

Our tent, and many of the participants/spectators.

Pete Nelson, Tyler Nelson, and Joanna Vetter

Caitrin Nordstrom cheers at the finish line.

Half marathoner, Lynn Mecher nears the finish line.

Johanna Sparrman, Dustin Johnson, and Natalie Swanson at the start of the 5K.

We also had our 13th Annual Triathlon on August 5, 2012.  This year’s athletes raised over $10,000, designated toward special needs ministries at CPBC – allowing us to hire specialized staff, additional staff, make structural improvements for handicap access, and create new programs to minister to children and families with special needs. More Triathlon Pictures Here


2012 Family Camp One

Iron Mountain 2nd Graders 2012

Never a dull moment made up this day for 45 second grade students from North Elementary. Besides a big game of predator and prey, each group of 9 students went to five different discovery groups. These were: owl pellets, tree needs, furs and pelts, camouflage, and producers, consumers, and decomposers.  It was a great day for students, parent volunteers, teachers, and staff. Special thanks to Scott Pearson from the U. S. Forest Service shared his expertise with us.

Forest Park 1st Grade 2012

Forest Park First graders were part of an active day of learning on May 11th. The young explorers were divided into four groups and rotated through active, hands-on lessons.  The children learned about the life cycle of a tree and then investigated a log ecosystem. They talked about the life cycle of a butterfly and demonstrated actual motions representing each phase to reinforce learning.  They watched as Freddy the Fish lost his clean water to various pollutants. After observing real-life salamanders in different stages and learning about toad/frog life cycle, they found places to put toad houses in the forest. The children also played a big group game of tree tag, wolf find, and learned a song about trees. It was quite a different day than being in the classroom but the tired, but happy faces of students showed how grand a day it truly was for each one.

Forest Park 7th Grade 2012


Forty-one 7th graders took to the woods and the high ropes for a day of challenge and learning outside the classroom. The students rotated through three sessions: GPS, Compass, and print art. After lunch, big group initiatives and low rope elements were completed by half the group while the other half experienced the high ropes and zip line. They then switched so that everyone could enjoy the fun.


Rockin Robins 2012

Rockin Robins 2012 has begun!  Our Rockin’ Robins program runs for three weeks every spring as part of our Agents of the Earth Outdoor Education program.  The program pairs “little buddies” with “big buddies” from the community and teaches them about nature in fun and exciting ways.  Check back to see weekly picture updates, and other photos from Outdoor Education Visitors

Week 1 Log – It was a lovely spring day in the woods with nineteen little buddies and 22 big buddies and staff ready for action. Highlights of the time were The Hunt–looking for signs of spring, Dustin and his salmander eggs, Wendy’s purple finch, identification of bird calls and actual bird calls by the children, Sunflower seed planting to take home, a game of seasons, and a guest reader with the story The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. A great time was had by all. Thanks for sending your children and thanks to the big buddies.


Week 2 Log – It was another great day and full to the brim. Twenty little buddies were present. Bird calls were reviewed. How to use a pair of binoculars and then going out to look for birds was next. A few birds were seen and lots of wildflowers were noticed. The group went to the main camp and planted annual flowers in 19 big pots. While there, white pine cones were collected and then bird feeders were make to bring home, slathering the cone with shortening and sunflowers seeds, attaching a string to hang in a tree.

Week 3 Log:  One Rockin Robin child was heard to say, “Hey, I wish we could do this every day.”  What a great thought!!!–though maybe the big buddies would get a little tired.  The bird calls were a big hit once again as children tried to identify the bird by just hearing the call and not seeing the actual bird. Some of them knew exactly what bird it was!!!  Now that is learning. The big and little buddies went on an exploration to find non-living and living items as well as signs of animals and signs of humans. Little buddies planted flowers in a cup to give to big buddies in appreciated for their time. Finally the major project was a bug box which was constructed by both buddies and greatly enjoyed by the children when they went home. Guest reader, Bill Fish, ended our time with a grand story about The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle.


Parents: Thank for sharing your children with us. We enjoyed them so much. It was a special group. If your child is in kindergarten, she or he can come back next year. The first graders have graduated but just maybe a program especially for them will be coming our way. Stay posted.


Big Buddies:  YOU are wonderful. This program is what it is because of you. I still am touched deeply when I see you doing so many activities and projects with these young ones with such grace and enthusiasm. Many many thanks from the staff at CPBC. See you next year. 

 Here’s to each of you:

Jinny Larson, Betty Lindahl, Don and Mona Sarder, Andrea Oestman, Marilyn Malmquist, Nancy Schauwecker, Tom Emerson, Ed and Jan Chantiny, Kathy Campain, Bob and Lorena Evans, Karen Friestrom, Phil and Pearl Carlson, Linnea Johnson, Deb Olson, Wendy Benkley, Linda Mgolas , Hannah Kneen, Megan Moberly, Johanna Sparrman, Trevor Mayo, Dave Lindahl, Erik Strom, and Bill Fish (as well as numerous staff who helped behind the scenes and with transport of little buddies each week.)


Spring is Springing & Outdoor Ed Groups are Coming

We have been taking advantage of Spring’s early arrival this year.  With the ground fully thawed, trees in bloom, and the grass growing greener by the day, we’re eager to share our lake and surrounding forest with Purdue University, whose forestry, fisheries, and wildlife students arrive this Saturday for five weeks of field education. We’re also excited to be welcoming a number of area school groups who will be coming to learn about nature through Rockin’ Robins, a part of our Agents of the Earth outdoor education program.

Below is a picture from the Foster City Covenant Church confirmation class that came for low and high ropes team-building activities last weekend.

“The confirmands totally loved Saturday at CP. All of them were tired, and I’ve heard back that one of the girls who is not going to camp this year already told one of her cousins that BOTH of them [will be] going next year. . . Thank you to the staff [Trevor, Kevin, and Paul especially] for a great experience. We hope that they can continue to make gains in their faith for a long time to come from this.” – Pastor Carl Hammer

Look closely at the photo of the new directors home below.  Do you notice something strange? Right now, flooring/carpet is in, shelves are up, and cabinets should be installed by the end of the week.  The Chuck Frasier Memorial Campaign is nearly 75% of the way to its $600,000 goal! Check out the website link to learn more about the goals of the campaign and how you can join this special effort.

Lastly, we had our latest donation from our Wish List Page to purchase extra backpacking medical kits for our growing trips program!  A long time Friend of Covenant Point got excited about donating the funds to purchase these new medical kits, and we are very thankful for God’s provision, and the partnership that we have with so many friends in ministry.  The medical kits will serve us well in keeping campers safe while out on our summer wilderness trips!

Purdue Office Renovation, and Wish List Fulfillments

Despite the light dusting of snow we received two days ago, spring is in the air at camp, and summer camp is right around the corner!  We recently received a new Jetboil camp stove, yet another need fulfilled from our Wish List page.  Check out the various needs that our staff have compiled and please give as you are led; it brings us great joy to see gifts arrive in the mail as you can tell by our excited staff members!

Preparations for summer camp are underway, and over 70 Forestry, Wildlife, and Fishery students from Purdue University will be arriving in just over two weeks for their 5 week  practical course.  This year we have been hard at work preparing a brand new office space in the basement of our infirmary, complete with new wireless internet access, and private office space for the Teachers Aides and Professors to do grading, and tutoring.  Mike Johnson from Grace Covenant Church in Iron River volunteered many hours in helping us with this project.  We are very grateful for his help and expertise!

Hardwood flooring has been laid on the first floor of the new directors home, doors have been hung, and appliances have been ordered.  The home is being built as one part of our current Next Step of Faith Campaign, which seeks to endow our internship program with $300,000, and raise another $300,000 to build an onsite directors home to continue the legacy and commitment to long term leadership of former director Chuck Frasier, who passed away suddenly in November of 2010.  Learn more about the campaign, and get involved today.